How to make Siemens' S - S7 unilateral communication by rounding - 1200

by:Coolmay     2020-06-20
According to the author's working practice experience, found that in usual projects. The communication between PLC and PLC is indispensable, but the types of communication too much how should we choose? According to the current trend of the development of Profinet after should be the mainstream, relative to the modbus RTU and Profi BUS it advantage obviously, transmission speed and response speed, data is not lost, convenient cable easily inserted! Then the author introduce Siemens S - below The S7 1200, unilateral communication! Secretly said, to learn is very practical!

the author used software is botu

start hardware configuration below

the first step we choose this two identical 1200 PLC, you attention here:

1. PLC type 2. Order no. 3. Firmware version

step 2: choose one of the PLC, 1 PM on the device configuration (2) attributes (3) Ethernet address new subnet, set the IP ( Note that two PLC controller IP to set on the same network segment) (4) to enable the system clock (5) protection and security check the connection mechanism, Here a little to check)

S7 connection to the third step

well, above hardware configuration with respect to OK!

here's program, to establish good PLC_1 database

in establishing PLC_2 database

the author is to PLC_1 number sent to the data block DB1 before 5 PLC_2 stored in the top five of its db3. PLC_2 data block DB3 five number before sending to the PLC_1 kept in the top five in DB2. So the program

connection parameters according to the following Settings

I will be one of the five data block DB1 PLC_1 assignment 3. PLC_2 db3 blocks of data in the top five assignment is 5. The remaining two data blocks all reset.

start simulation below

look at the above DB2 and db3 data block in front of the number of five monitoring value, has the communication success!

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