How to quickly learn to PLC programming -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-22

PLC programming can learn quickly.

to learn PLC mood is understandable.

but I do not know you to learn to define what it is.

if you learn to understand for buying a PLC connected, write a program to control motor and reversing.

still can soon learn, can learn to have a basis for a day or two.

we know that the beginner's mind is to replace PLC design contactor control system,

let messy control circuit can zero cost of rapid change.

if you have this aspect of the foundation, transfer the PLC can be very quickly.

the figure below, you will find that no much difference between the two.

so if we are familiar with the contactor control, such as the self-locking, interlocking, star triangle.

again to control demand is complicated, can be quickly learn PLC programming.

how to quickly learn PLC controller programming?

in the use of contactor, timer circuit design, such as

is the coil of the device, contact with organic combination, thus realize the logic control circuit.

in PLC programming, the corresponding is the basic instruction of PLC.

the following figure, is the basic instruction of mitsubishi PLC.

the line contactor design, these instructions to learn quickly.

in the contactor control system we use timer, contactor, counter device, etc.

in PLC programming, the corresponding PLC is similar to function of soft component.

the following figure, is mitsubishi PLC software component classification.

so we just take a day or two time,

familiar with the basic instructions on it, common soft element,

will be able to quickly learn PLC programming.

PLC programming is not so simple.

use PLC controller in practical project, the knowledge involved more than the above mentioned.

program needs parameters, to use the data transfer instructions.

program needs to locate, need positioning control instruction.

program needs communication, communication instruction need equipment.

different application will involve the application of different instructions.

this is also the diversity of programming.

in the whole control system, PLC, more will be combined with peripheral hardware implementation system function.

the figure below, the writing of the program in many cases are to consider the peripheral hardware control.

that is to say, we must be familiar with the commonly used hardware.

learn PLC is a shortcut.

non-standard automation of private companies, will design a large number of non-standard customized equipment,

is a good learning environment.

heart good control cabinet, basic can solve common hardware, would you have never seen one instance.

programming, can be familiar with basic instruction, soft components, buy a small PLC practice at home.

in the company should also practice, positioning, PID class application combined with hardware will be more intuitive.

if there are electrical, electronic, electric drive, it will be easier to learn PLC.

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