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by:Coolmay     2020-06-05

the mainstream of touch screen on the market all support the vast majority of PLC communication.

the communication process is the process of data exchange.

how to realize the touch screen and PLC controller communication,

roughly divided into three steps.

1。 Connected to the touch screen and PLC

we know that communication between two hardware, wireless or wired communications.

the first step is to establish a connection.

the connection between PLC and touch screen is the most common is a serial port cable connection.

cable can be purchased in a treasure, have special customized models to choose from.

can welding production.

wei lun yonghong PLC touch screen and Taiwan how to exchange data between.


PLC communication port nine side, 3 for receiving data RxD, 2 TxS for sending data, 5 for public grounding GND.

touch screen communication port side, 6 for sending data TxD, 9 for receiving data RxD, 5 for public grounding GND.

so stitch 3 even 6, 2 even 9, 5 five can make a data line edge.


add PLC after connecting the two hardware can add PLC in the touch screen programming software.

only added PLC can read/write register of PLC controller.

, as shown in nylon touch screen is added yonghong PLC programming software.

3。 To realize data exchange

in the hardware connection, touch screen software also added hardware,

element can be in touch screen, speaking, reading and writing in PLC register,

the following figure.

we added a numerical display element. Can set the device to read and write the address of the equipment for PLC,

and PLC which register set, speaking, reading and writing, and then realize the exchange of data.

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