How to solve the PLCS7 - Burn out problems - 200 CPU output module

by:Coolmay     2020-06-21
Should be output module problem, can good, can change an output module, a place to buy? There is a local repair?

answer 1: you can bold but carefully unwrapped CPU units, can be found that there is a power supply, input and output, the CPU processor, three pieces of circuit boards with splice interconnection, put the number down on the second board replace them with the same model can, of course you misconnection heavy current also caused damage to the board outside this is powerless, but because the output has photoelectric isolation believe not affected too much circuit

answer 2: the possibility of repair is very small! Open the PLC's shell, if can find obvious burn mark on the mainboard, the possibility of repair is very small. From you, do you like the PLC controller should have obvious burn mark, and very serious, and possibly burned motherboard taste! But still, you can find a distributor near you go to a test, may be able to send you to go to SIEMENS to try, can occasionally encounter to repair. Replace an output module must be the best solution, the general module, which you can buy in the domestic spot. Maintenance also can find your local SIEMENS distributors or directly SIEMENS offices, but require you to provide products that you need order number

a 3:1, first you have to have the original program, the damage is confined to the output and input, extension, etc are not bad, can you add extension module, the program also have to change, also have installed inside ark control module. 2, if you can fix, there is no guarantee that the inside of the maintenance program is not washed. 3, can't be repaired, suggest to buy a same model change, the premise is you have the original program, download cable, machines have been installed for programming software of Siemens S7-200.

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