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by:Coolmay     2020-06-20
With the popularity of mobile Internet, more and more users want to through the various states smartphone monitoring industry field, such as alarm data.

, for this small make up specially selected recent relatively hot the Python programming language, using its third-party libraries pyModbusTCP and itchat, in order to realize through WeChat the function of the PLC controller data. Principle is as follows:

PC need to write a small program, implemented:

PLC data obtained through the Modbus TCP

by itchat library to forward the data to WeChat environment:


python 3 Windows 7. 5 + pyModbusTCP + itchat


。 client import ModbusClientimport itchatc = ModbusClient( '192. 168. 1. 2、端口= 502 auto_open = True) def read_var ( 首先,len) :    reg=c. read_holding_registers ( 首先,len) If reg: message = 'current PLC controller address is:' + & # 39; 192. 168. 1. 2 ' + ' n” 消息+ = ' %MW' +str( 开始) + ' Initial value is: the & # 39; +str( 注册) 其他:打印( “读取错误”) 返回messagedef发送( 内容) :itchat。 send( 内容,toUserName = ' filehelper” ) if __name__ = =” __main__ ' :    mes=read_var( 0, 4) itchat。 auto_login( hotReload = True) send( mes)

run this program, by scanning the pop-up login WeChat qr code, can receive files assistant send the PLC controller data

ps. Similar can be implemented through mobile phone text messages, e-mails and other ways to monitor other Ethernet device data.

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