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by:Coolmay     2020-06-23
Industrial site condition is complex, often need engineers to remote debugging equipment and procedures on the download, and with the programmable controller PLC on the equipment widely used, how can through the PLC programming software of PLC controller programming and program download, is that many engineers are concerned about the problem

HiNet industrial gateway is huachen kilter development of a PLC controller can realize remote programming, program download products, at the same time, PLC controller can realize remote monitoring and equipment fault early warning, and other functions, can help equipment manufacturers to save more cost and improve the work efficiency.

HiNet industrial gateway implementation principle of PLC remote programming and download

HiNet intelligent gateway support for all major PLC. PLC for device control core, HiNet intelligent gateway for remote data acquisition terminal, 3 g, wifi, and Ethernet communication mode through VPN over P2P security channel dedicated PLC procedure and operation parameters that are directly related to the acquisition to the PC, such as LED display monitor terminal. Rely on the PLC programming software realize the remote monitoring terminal PLC remote programming, online monitoring, online simulation, remote data acquisition, remote control equipment.

HiNet industrial gateway implementation on PLC remote programming and download the installation process of

1, HiNet intelligent gateway into the PLC; By ordinary cable, one end connected to the PLC programming port, the other end of the HiNet gateway access to the LAN port;

2, through Hinode connection management tools to see if gateway, PLC equipment online, real-time connection controlled by the PLC; Connect the cloud server, and view the site communication quality, through the programming software or VPN between PLC and PC software over P2P channel;

3, PLC programming software for remote operation.

technology zone letter jie XC series PLC, common problems and solutions to share how to use the HiNet industrial gateway implementation on PLC remote programming and download the experience method based on Siemens PLC via WINCC connection sharing framework circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker shallowly discussed the difference between a frame circuit breaker function characteristics of the difference between the molded case circuit breaker and electronic molded case circuit breaker
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