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by:Coolmay     2020-06-23
An overview of the 1. 1 introduction of mitsubishi PLC L02

the industry's most complete communication type host: host 8 di/do 4 points, built-in Mini USB, Ethernet, RS - 2 group 485 communication port. ( 1) L series programmable controller is a small, but the inherited the high performance, multi-function and large capacity. ( 2) The CPU has 9. 5 ns by two step and basic computing speed of 260 k program capacity, maximum I/O can be extended to 8129. ( 3) Built-in positioning, high speed counter, pulse trapping and interrupt input, such as general I/O function, combines many functions in one. ( 4) Hardware, built-in Ethernet and USB interface, easy to programming and communication, the configuration of the SD memory card, can deposit's largest 4 g data. ( 5) Without base board, can be arbitrary increase different function modules.

but this product can only be updated implementation procedure in the local area network (LAN), download, not through the Internet remote with GX software for remote monitoring. The new generation of the ZhuoLan N2N ( So the front-end ports mapping) Technology can solve the problem.

1。 2 ZLAN7144N2 description

Intranet NAT mapper ( N2N) From product model, the corresponding ZhuoLan ZLAN7144N2. The product has the function of N2N, namely front-end ports so function. Front-end ports network can be mapped to another network so that can be achieved through Intranet. You can easily realize the net on the TCP network equipment monitoring.

ZhuoLan N2N function is based on the core technology of P2P ZhuoLan serial port server based on function. Without the router port mapping, also don't need to install a computer software agents trying forward under the way of implementation of network access network equipment.

N2N functions can be widely applied in the front-end ports such as PLC, so touch screen so remote monitoring equipment, program download.

2。 There are two kinds of connection mode ZLAN7144N2 networking solutions: a: cable connection network ZLAN7144N2 cable connected to the router or switch, configuration of n2 7144 IP LAN segments with consistent, subnet mask and gateway is consistent with the local area network (LAN), PLC and 7144 n2 equipment connected to the same local area network (LAN); 7144 n2 enable P2P function. Scheme 2: WIFI connection configuration ZLAN7144N2 wireless WIFI, WIFI hotspot (connected to the router Specific wireless configuration method, see ZLAN7104 Settings) , the PLC with Ethernet cable connected to the ZLAN7144N2, the remote monitoring can be realized in the scene. It was realized to turn Wifi, so PLC controller and can pass N2N PLC technology to realize the network connection.

3。 ZhuoLan tool configuration method when using N2N technology so remote control equipment, first of all, according to the common methods of P2P enabled ZLAN7144N2 P2P function. Then in the remote computer, ZLVircom_p2p_pc operation. Exe software ( This special edition for P2P function, ordinary ZLVircom does not contain the function) The PLC controller software and user. Running ZLVircom is the purpose of the virtual a port on the local computer, such as 2308. This PLC controller software can be used to connect local computer port 2308 direct access to the front-end ports of PLC.

write PLC PLC similar steps and read, so you can think in a local LAN to control in the front-end ports on the far side of the PLC.

why industrial camera technology zone so vicious price competition, exactly how to use the utility geometry ZhuoLan N2N product implementation for mitsubishi PLC so remote monitoring function of Siemens 840 d nc system in SL bearing production line, the application of design technology analysis of truss type 808 d of the manipulator system of Siemens 840 d nc system in the application of the gantry boring and milling machine
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