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by:Coolmay     2020-06-16
Preface: with the development of intelligent manufacturing speed, industrial robot rapid popularization, the spray is to spray are of good quality, high return on investment advantages to speed up the technological transformation of traditional coating industry.

at present, spraying in most of the manufacturing industry in China still rely on the traditional manual way. In order to meet user demand for film thickness and surface quality, often require additional polishing and spray, cause artificial spraying labor intensity, low efficiency, and long-term exposure to paint damage body produces to the worker. The current recruitment difficult, constantly improve the level of wages and other factors on the coating industry. To solve the above problems must be considered to realize the automatic painting line, in order to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce operating costs.

key words: Haiwell ( The sea for) Control requirements of traditional spray by gun directly sprayed paint on the glass bottle, and then drying, and then put the excess paint through the hose workshop, waste paint already so, also seriously pollute the environment.

now require stainless steel disk high-speed rotation, move up and down through the spray paint after 360 & deg; No dead Angle to the glass surface spraying, and through the inverter to adjust the glass bottle forward speed and the speed of rotation bottle itself. Main hardware configuration of PLC selection system: T24S0T

controller to choose sea T24S0T, host external 24 v DC power supply, 16-way DI, 8-way DO relay output; Take two communication ( RS232+RS485) And can be extended to five communication; Two road 200 k high-speed pulse input, 2 road 200 k high-speed pulse output; Seven modules maximum extension. The system needs to have more than one frequency converter to adjust the glass bottle to speed, in order to avoid spray too fast lead to inadequate, cause spraying quantity is not enough or too slowly. And T24S0T host with 485 mouth, can be used as the main or from the stand, support 1: N networking mode, support a variety of man-machine interface and configuration software, can with communication function with any third party equipment ( Such as frequency converter, instrument, bar code reader, etc. ) Connected to the Internet. So use T24S0T can easily communicate with more than one frequency converter.

move up and down through the rotation of the motor to drive the nozzle, the nozzle can be more accurate coating on the glass. T24S0T support single pulse output, the output pulse/direction, forward/reverse output, pulse, A phase/B phase synchronization pulse output 5 types of output, can choose A different output depending on the type of the motor output mode, applicable widely. Part of the program for the PLC controller communication program simple, no matter how you use your communication protocol is simply a communication instruction can complete complex communication function. This example inverter $9600 baud rate, data format, E, 1, 7 for inverter frequency communication retrieval examples below.

this example servo using pulse output mode and direction, so the hardware configuration of PLC pulse output method for pulse output/direction, through PLSY high-speed pulse output instructions to realize the nozzle move up and down. When the number of pulse output is positive, the motor forward, drive the nozzle move down; Number is negative, the pulse output motor reversal, drive the nozzle moving up. Summarize the sea for PLC with multiple communication mouth, each communication port can be programmed and networking and can be used as the main or from the station. Support 1: N, N: 1, the N: N network. By sea to PLC can easily implement with more than one inverter network, so as to realize control of the glass bottle movement. Sea of PLC standalone maximum 8 200 KHZ bipolar high-speed pulse output, support the deceleration pulse output, more paragraphs envelope pulse output function, unique synchronous pulse output function can easily implement precise synchronization control. By sea to the high-speed pulse output function of PLC to control motor rotation, thereby giving impetus to the movement of the nozzle, electrostatic spraying can be more quickly and efficiently.

how technology zone to the sea to PLC used in electrostatic spraying line Canon announced officially entered the industrial automation market what is the Internet Internet industry in China is expected to grow to $91. 4 billion, 2023 why, 'said the Internet industry, ushered in the new development opportunity
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