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by:Coolmay     2020-06-20
Industrial control with PLC controller can do relative to general embedded controller has higher reliability and better stability. And intermediate relay can be seen everywhere in the PLC control system, if an intermediate relay on-off can produce interference to PLC controller, the PLC controller control system in industrial automation has long been paralyzed.

below is our common type MY intermediate relay impassability, rated current, under voltage with milliammeter, one of the largest ac 12 v power supply current is only 106. 5 ma, is zero. 106 a, a small current, not to mention the most common form of 24 v coil current to zero. 0363 a, such a small electric current magnetic field can produce how much?

proximity switch general directly connected to the PLC controller input channel.

it is sometimes the proximity switch signal is not stable, such as the low voltage, USES intermediate relay switching, eliminate interference, but this will increase the response time.

I encountered a similar situation, not connected to the PLC is connected to the server. Proximity switch when the origin sensor, close to switch directly access server information, to find the origin of time is always an error, monitoring the origin sensor information, occasionally flashing, is obviously induced by mistake.

later with intermediate relay switching approach switch signal, solve the problem; Intermediate relay will increase response time, but it is not big to the point where can't accept it.

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