Implementation of PLC and PC Internet communications introduces three ways - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-19
PLC programmable logic controller can be: it USES a programmable memory, used for its internal storage procedures, to perform logical operations, sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process.

communication mode, all kinds of PLC on the market, they each have advantages and disadvantages, to meet the diverse needs of users, but in such aspects as morphology, composition, function, programming, each are not identical, there is no a unified standard, each manufacturer to develop the communication protocol is different. At present, people mainly adopt the following three ways to realize interconnection of PLC and PC communications:

1) Using the general upper unit configuration software, such as COOLMAYHMI, kingview, InTouch, force control, etc. , to implement the interconnection of PLC controller and PC communications.

( 2) Through the use of PLC to develop business to offer system protocol and network adapter, to realize the PLC and PC Internet communications.

( 3) Standard provided by the vendors based on PLC communication port and custom free port communication mode by the user to implement the interconnection of PLC and PC communication.

PLC and machine and PC communication don't have the following several ways:

1) Computer serial port broken, can't use the

2) Laptop computer use USB turn 232, driver is installed (

3) Computer serial port may leakage, burn PLC download protection resistor (

4) Computer hardware chose not to correct the above the COM

5) Can communication, communication is not stable, check the line, change the computer to try

summary: there are many types of PLC can not download, it is recommended to use substitution method of troubleshooting, such as replacement of the computer, and download line, replace the PLC, etc.

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