In PLC of VFDS - with Taiwan The use of the M series inverter communication methods in detail -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-27
The following summary for your reference:

' Control requirements.

read VFDS - M series inverter main frequency ( Frequency instruction) , output frequency and in D0, D1 respectively. ( MODRD instruction implementation)

set frequency converter to the main frequency of 40 hz positive direction. ( MODWR instruction implementation)

【 VFD - M frequency converter parameters necessary to set up 】

when a frequency converter caused by parameter Settings disorder can not run normally, can set the first P76 = 10 ( Return to the factory) Set up, and then carried out in accordance with the above parameters.

【 Component description 】

【 Control program.

【 Program description 】

RS - of PLC Initialization, 485 communication port to the communication format for MODBUS ASCII, 9600, 7, E, 1. The inverter RS485 communication port communication format should be in line with PLC communication format.

MODBUS communication only 4 kinds of circumstances, normal communication to complete the corresponding communication marks M1127, communication error corresponding communication: M1129, M1140, M1141, so, in the program based On the four communication signal of On/Off state to count, reuse of C0 numerical control three MODBUS commands in sequence, to ensure the reliability of communication.

when M0 = On, [ MODRD K1 H2102 K2 ] Reading instruction is executed, PLC frequency converter 'main frequency' and 'output frequency' in the form of ASCII characters in D1073 ~ D1076, and its content will automatically converted to hexadecimal values stored to D1050, D1051.

when the M1 = On, [ MODWR K1 H2000 H12 ] Instruction is executed, the inverter start and positive direction.

when M2 = On, [ MODWR K1 H2001 K4000 ] Instruction is executed, sets the main frequency of frequency converter to 40 hz. The last two lines [

program MOV D1050 D0 ] Is to store the main frequency of frequency converter in D0, [ MOV D1051 D1 ] Store is to put the output frequency of frequency converter in D1.

PLC controller RUN at the beginning, compare C0 = 0, has been repeatedly communication of frequency converter, speaking, reading and writing.

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