Industrial intelligent gateway for advantage - in the PLC data acquisition system Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-18
An overview, in recent years, data acquisition and application of technology by the attention of more and more widely, the data acquisition system has been applied in all walks of life are rapidly. Data acquisition system of PLC control is currently the most widely used in the field of industrial automation control. Huachen kilter in recent years, research and development of HiNet industrial intelligent gateway in the application of PLC data acquisition system, with small volume, realizing PLC remote programming localization, PLC data acquisition function is strong, can be used with the PC communication, convenient and flexible characteristics.

1) two, PLC data acquisition system System information flow system of information flow below shows the different service and database of the system and application of data between the interaction flow.

in the diagram above, a variety of on-site data through data collector in a certain way by data collecting service real-time acquisition and stored in the real-time historical database, real-time historical database at the same time provide production equipment real-time data and historical data on the site. And for engineers system configuration, through its client Web interface using application configuration services on system configuration, the configuration of model data into the database.

required for application module of the system and the business logic and calculated through the calculation and application of engine for real-time history data and business logic in the model library configuration or computing and related calculation formula for operation, the result will be written to real-time historical database file.

client data will be through the Web service interface, it will be according to equipment organization mode of objects in the model library of the historical data in the database and real-time comprehensive, according to the configuration of the display maps on the client end interface.

2) System composed of PLC controller, remote data acquisition system structure, as shown by the data acquisition system hardware software for equipment including PLC, instrumentation and industrial control, the real-time condition, parameters, fault data collection, such as VPN, far data acquisition system communication services to the cloud, the cloud service after receiving and processing data in the data server, and then through the application server after data processing, via the web or webservice way for web side ( PC, tablet, mobile phone) Or APP to display, analysis, diagnosis and management of interface.

3) The system characteristics

a. Its powerful ability of protocol parsing HiNet industrial intelligent gateway can be compatible with Siemens, mitsubishi, at the same time, the brand of each type of PLC;

b。 A variety of communication interface, but at the same time use the Rs232/485 and Rs422 communication way and the gateway;

c。 Strong environment adaptiveness and with WiFi, 3 g, Ethernet and other communication methods, to adapt to all kinds of complicated industrial environment;

d。 Extremely high security, HiNet industrial intelligent gateway USES the VPN secure communications channel dedicated, RSA encryption algorithm to ensure communication security, presenting data leaks;

e。 Strong stability, HiNet industrial intelligent gateway support bolt reconnection, abnormal recovery, system monitoring, to ensure that the equipment real-time online, to ensure normal operation of the monitoring system.

section of the British witten PLC controller technology in the application of pressure filter design industrial advantage in intelligent gateway is used in the PLC data acquisition system in PLC remote monitoring system for automobile gear manufacturing brought what advantage sea H01ZB for PLC controller + Zigbee wireless module, application in sewage treatment process design for PLC, H01ZB module and PC2ZB module, the application of the control system design in the parking lot
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