Industrial projects share worth remembering - debugging process

by:Coolmay     2020-06-18
This is on a business trip a few days, a small device debugging! Share the following debugging, wrong place, please you glad. A

, system configuration of PLC of Siemens 200 smart EMAM06 subject + analog module, touch screen for wei lun tong MT8 - 71 1 ie wv, screen and PLC communications for the Ethernet communication ( 485 2 w, of course, also can use the MODBUS communication) Need a cable, personal feel Ethernet communication, can communication can upload again PLC and touch screen program, so generally select Ethernet communication mode, soft start and frequency converter are of domestic brands ( Specific brand is not described) The following descriptions are Ethernet communication methods.

soft start is 110 kw, drag the motor frequency converter drive motor is 5. 5 kw, and an 22 kw motor for star triangle is up and running, everything else is 3 kw motor. Equipment function is light alloy products such as metal trash cans and broken. Due to time is tight, had time to take some photos inside the cabinet, is very regret!

2, PLC controller programming

the following program is only part of the function but similar do not introduce

1, start-stop process, divided into two parts, manual and automatic

2, automatic shift instruction program implementation

3, the system time calculating program

4. Analog part programming ( Main motor current collection, conveyor belt speed acquisition, frequency converter input frequency signal is given, etc. )

PLC basic program is roughly as mentioned above, other programs is the alarm prompt, protection, time setting, etc. Its small program, is no longer here. Three, touch screen programming

1, the main program ( Control function)

2, time setting program

4, program debugging process are smooth, a noon can get three machines ( Strong program replication) , but the problem that the debugging process, is also an important link, the prompt as follows, to share.

1, PLC and touch screen program download, this everybody is familiar with, IP is the computer and PLC, touch screen IP to within a network segment can, of course the PLC can also modify IP address through the system module ( But you must download after effective, and the IP address of the search is not necessarily the same) Program download in the first place on the screen, touch screen to set the IP address, touch screen program download process to input, Can search to) You set the IP address, only can download must be exactly the same, or complains.

2, analogue programming is not complex, the network has a similar program can borrow, but should pay attention to the PLC system analog input signal and scope set to be accurate, otherwise the electrical analog module will bright flashing red light on errors. Usually check wiring errors, then check the analog channel signal set.

3, PLC controller and touch screen communication to have a slightly longer reaction time, generally find the default value is 0. Mean you haven't had time to put the cable connection, touch screen will prompt no connection and PLC communication, at this time can power to electricity, can also keep the communications set up corresponding time slightly longer, such as 3 s ~ 5 s.

4, written after the PLC and touch screen program, the latter is better with PLC program control corresponding points program input proofreading for one to two times, because accidentally input error, after waiting for electricity will find some low-level errors. Only change to download the program at this time, but also more troublesome thing!

5, for whether the program needs to be loaded the password, the personal interests. Personal think watching client situation, after add password be sure to remember your password, otherwise every time after the upload, need a password input is a headache. And if your program is copied with password, download process will also be prompted for password input.

6, the scene outside wiring had better specification, total power today in order to save trouble, just pick up the three-phase power supply and a zero, no earth wire processing. The results of circuit breaker tripping, grounding later no problem. Some question is surprisingly, some problem is thought of too lazy to do. The result is always different, so don't be lazy as much as possible.

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