Industrial robot and the PLC communication connection and control method

by:Coolmay     2020-06-18
Industrial robots are used in the real application on the production line ( Such as car assembly lines, semiconductor wafer handling, etc. ) , picking robot standalone various track debugging good, also with the action demands of production line, which is also connection and PLC communication, interactive signals on both sides, when PLC for robots to carry, robot handling for notification of PLC controller, through such interactive communication, the robot can be as 'a' on the whole production line, and other institutions on the production line of complete the production task.

a communication, industrial robot and PLC controller connection

if we already mastered the industrial robot programming, and master the PLC control technology, then by the PLC control the robot is very simple. As long as connect industrial robots and PLC effectively and the signal transmission between each other.

figure 1: PLC and robot system

above PLC adopts Siemens brand, S7 - 300 as the upper machine, S7 - 200 connected to the machine through the I/O signal; S7- With S7-300 200 using Profibus bus connected; S7- 300 connected to industrial robots using I/O signals; Industrial robots to use their own communication cable between subject and the controller ( Directly plug) The connection.

figure 2: S7 - 300 ( CPU - 313). Input and output signal

figure 3: S7 - Input and output signals (200 Control lathe)

figure 4: S7 - Input and output signals (200 Control washing bed)

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