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by:Coolmay     2020-06-18
A lot of friends all not know a lot about industrial robots, what's the relationship between PLC controller and automation. So the gold science to everyone at the three relations of complex 'triangle'.

of course, talking about their relationship before, we need to understand their own.

1, industrial robot industrial robot is a kind of multi-joint manipulator or multiple degrees of freedom manipulator, is to rely on to control system and its own power, a mechanical device to work more used in industrial production.

a industrial robots can replace people's labor, according to good standards of the early work process work, helping to reduce related incomplete defective rate, increase unit of output.

2, PLC controller PLC is also called the programmable logic controller, is used in modern industry rate is very high a digital computing operations electronic systems. On the PLC, contain a variety of man-machine interface unit and communication unit, etc. , through the digital or analog input/output to control the production of the equipment.

its working principle can be divided into three stages: the input sampling, the program execution, output refresh, and then to input sampling, execution, and output of the reciprocating ( Or loop) Work. 3,

automation machinery and equipment or the production process in the case of directly without human intervention, according to the expected goal of measurement, control and other information processing and process control.

at present in Germany and the manufacturing 'embedded system', that is widely used in mechanical or electrical parts will be fully embedded into the controlled device, a special computer system is a specific application design.

4, summary,

finish see three, I wonder if you can find the relations between a little?

yes, the industrial robot, the relations between PLC controller and automation is: industrial robot is an executive command equipment; PLC can control the equipment and coordination; While automation is a multiple of such equipment and PLC.

as a result, in the whole production line in the process of change from, just need to change the PLC program, fine-tuning and industrial robot, which can be a new round of production.

the popular science knowledge is over here, your friend should now know that they are the relationship between the three, gold think learn industrial robot technology, supplemented by PLC, is quite so introduction to automation, do you think?

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