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by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
A summary of, with the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of equipment manufacturers have emerged, equipment manufacturers has become an important part of productivity development. How to improve the management level, improve efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises from the management to the face of increasingly serious problem. On how to improve the efficiency of equipment operations and pay special attention to the after-sale controls, is indeed a industrial equipment automatic detection and control equipment manufacturers to improve the performance of a big area, intelligent and comprehensive remote device monitoring and management system is the industry pattern of change, is a science and technology innovation and management innovation.

2, design 2. Introduction to system

equipment remote monitoring system in the informatization construction of enterprise business implementation layer management in an important position, is to provide a more departments and comprehensive equipment remote monitoring management as the core of the integrated information system, at the same time provides effective for higher level of enterprises management system interface.

the figure below shows the relationship between this system and other information system:

span chart shows the information of the system, system operation management level 3 as the main line, at the same time complement equipment remote monitoring and management functions, and the production management of MES, enterprise ERP provides real-time/historical data and equipment analysis after analyzing data, at the same time its expert analysis data will also support the enterprise demand for business intelligence and business decisions.

equipment remote monitoring system architecture diagram

above, through the data acquisition system hardware software for equipment including PLC, instrumentation and industrial control, the real-time condition, parameters, fault data collection, such as VPN, far data acquisition system communication services to the clouds, the clouds communications services after receiving and processing data in the data server, and then through the application server after data processing, via the web or webservice way for web side ( PC, tablet, mobile phone) Or APP to display, analysis, diagnosis and management of interface.

2。 2 system function introduction

equipment data acquisition

to be monitored object ( The company sold products to the customer) For data collection. The content of the data acquisition including the signal, data operation and production of the product information, system parameters, fault signals, trends, and treated by the industrial computer control software key video signal, and so on, at the same time, the scene of the user permission, you can also in remote modifying parameters of product.

field equipment fault management fault alarm in real time; Can real-time history view and query of product failure; Can simulate by setting the amount of variation ratio of upper and lower limit, If necessary, may be required to do in PLC controller based computing) Can produce early warning, and time-sharing, products, export alarm report. Alarm information shall include the product customer, product attributes, alarm generating time, alarm, alarm, eliminate time confirmation time, alarm, etc.

equipment remote diagnosis by fault information, image information and early warning information, traces the fault occurs, the state of relevant variables and operational value, combined with operating curve at the same time, help remote fault diagnosis and analysis of the monitoring personnel.

equipment parameters change

at the site the user request instructions ( Such as site operation interface request help button) Or the super user login, after can perform a remote parameter changes.

strong industrial tablet PPC - technology zone research 1551 t / TPC - 1581 wp series, in the application of MES system intelligent remote monitoring system of industrial equipment design of PLC controller equipment remote management system, is applied to the advantage of sea port crane equipment management for PLC to detect relay from electricity to the closing time of solution for the British witten IVC1 - Mr 2416 series PLC controller application in the meal ladder control system design
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