Introduces a PLC controller switch input

by:Coolmay     2020-06-09
PLC switch input and

general industrial control occasions, PLC is often use controller, the use of almost all working voltage is 24 v, the voltage cannot be used directly to our card on the input contact, to industrial application, in this case usually use optical coupler as input of Repeaters, let 24 v voltage signal transmitted coupler to the contact, can achieve the purpose of protection after contact and adapter card, also do not need to change in order to adapt to the card used by the voltage range.

PLC controller switch input signal types: dc input module, communication module, ac/dc input module.

dc input signal input module of the power supply can be provided by the user, + 24 v dc input signal of the power supply can be provided by the PLC itself, typically 8 road input, sharing a common field input is provided with a switch signal: '0' or '1' ( A non-contact can) ; Each input signals are through the photoelectric isolation, filtering, and then into the input buffer waiting for CPU sampling. Each input signals are LED display, to indicate whether the signal to the input terminal of PLC controller.

ac 100 v input signal input module ( AC) ~ 240 v ( AC) , the price is more expensive, less application, intermediate relay switch can be used.

PLC controller wiring diagram

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