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by:Coolmay     2020-06-09
PLC controller on behalf of the programmable logic controller. They basically used in the control of industrial automation systems. They are one of the most advanced and most simple control system, is now replaced hard wired logic relay on a large scale. In detail PLC before, let us know the reason why PLC is widely used four reasons.

a, user-friendly, easy to operate.

2, they eliminate the need of hardwire relay logic.

3, suitable for industrial automation.

4, its input and output module can be extended according to the need for

PLC controller architecture:

a basic PLC system consists of the following parts:

input/output parts: input or input module by such as sensors, switches, and many other real world of input source equipment. Input from the input source through input connector guide rail is connected to the PLC. Output part or output module can be a motor or solenoid or lamp or heater, its function by changing the input signal to control.

CPU or central processing unit: this is the brain of a PLC. It can be a hexagonal or octagonal microprocessor. It performs all associated with the input signal processing, based on the control program to control the output signal.

programmer: write a program or control logic of the platform. It can be a hand-held devices, notebook computer or the computer itself.

power: usually work on around 24 V power supply, power supply for input and output devices.

memory: memory is divided into two parts - Data storage and program memory. Program information or control logic is stored in the user memory or CPU to take out the program of instruction in memory. The input and output signals and timers and counters are stored in the input and output external image storage. The working process of the PLC

1, the input source to real-time analog signal is converted to the appropriate digital signals, and through the connector orbit will these signals applied to PLC controller.

2, the input signal is stored in the PLC is called a position of external image in memory. This work by the CPU control logic program instruction through or through mnemonic symbols or written to and stored in the user memory programming equipment.

3, read these instructions from the user memory, CPU and through the operation, calculation, processing input signal to control the output device.

4, then the results are stored in the control output drive external image storage.

5, CPU and inspection on the output signal, and according to the change in output memory constantly update the content of the input image memory.

6, CPU, also performs internal programming functions, such as set and reset the timer, check the user memory.

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