Introduction and installation forms - encoder of the pin

by:Coolmay     2020-06-08
Encoder is refers to the 'digital gauge' with the emergence of the encoder, enabled measurement tools to 'light' electricity 'and' logic operation, fast measurement speed, the measurement work towards a new milestone. Encoder is a rotating displacement is converted into a string of rotary sensor of digital pulse signal, the pulse can be used to control the angular displacement, if encoder with the gears or helical screw together, can also be used to measure the linear displacement.

encoder has five leads, three of them are pulse output line, 1 is COM back line, 1 is the power cord ( OC gate output) 。 The power of the encoder can be an external power supply, also can be directly use PLC controller DC24V power supply. The power supply '- 'End to the encoder COM end connections,' + 'connected to the power supply end of the encoder. Encoder COM end connected to the PLC input COM port, A, B and Z two-phase pulse output line is directly connected with the input end of the PLC controller, A and B to differ 90 degree pulse, Z # believe the rotary encoder circuit is only one pulse, usually used for zero basis, to pay attention to the response time of the PLC input connection. Rotary encoder and a shielding wire, shielding wire to be used when grounding, improve anti-jamming.

type absolute rotary encoder machinery installation has a high end, low end, auxiliary machinery installation, and other forms.

high end installation: installed in the power motor shaft end ( Or gear) , the advantages of this method is high resolution, because the encoder has 4096 times more, motor coil number within this range, it can fully use the full range and improve the resolution, the disadvantage is that after moving object through the reduction gear, the charges have gear clearance error, generally used for one-way control positioning accuracy, such as rolling roll gap control. Another encoder directly installed on the end, the motor jitter must be smaller, otherwise easy to damage the encoder.

low end installation: installed on the reduction gear, such as winding wire rope drum shaft end or the last section reduction gear shaft end, this method has no gear charges of clearance, measurement is more direct, high precision, this method is generally measured positioning for long distances, such as all kinds of lifting equipment, feeding dolly positioning, etc.

auxiliary machinery installation: commonly used with gear and rack, chain belt, the friction wheel, rope machine, etc.

absolute encoder is determined by mechanical position of the uniqueness of each position, it does not need memory, don't need to find a reference point, and don't always count, when you need to know, when to go to read it. In this way, the anti-interference characteristics of the encoder, the reliability of data greatly improved.

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