Introduction - CNC equipment maintenance method

by:Coolmay     2020-06-15

now nc equipment is more and more widely used, followed by how to ensure the effective utilization of the equipment, equipment failure, the equipment normal use as quickly as possible. In order to solve this problem, first require maintenance personnel should have high quality, not only requires abundant professional knowledge, such as mechanical and electrical integration technology, computer principle, numerical control technology, PLC controller technology, control technology, the principle of drag, hydraulic technology, but also master the mechanical processing knowledge and simple programming of numerical control device, also has a certain level of English, able to read English technical data. To have enough materials, including machine, electricity, liquid drawings, backup machine parameters, the system USES maintenance manuals, PLC ladder diagram, etc. Have a certain amount of spare parts. Also need to have certain experience, maintenance personnel to master certain maintenance method. For many years engaged in CNC equipment maintenance, accumulated certain experience, summed up a set of numerical control equipment maintenance methods, introduce the following for your reference.

to find out fault phenomenon

when nc equipment malfunction, the first thing to find out the fault phenomena, to operating personnel understand the circumstances of the first failure, where possible, to observe the process of failure, the observation of the fault is in what circumstances happen, happened, cause what kind of consequences. Only learned firsthand, help the excluding of fault, the fault process clear, half will solve problem. Find out the failure phenomenon, and then according to the working principle of the machine tool and numerical control system can quickly identify the problem and troubleshooting, restoring the equipment normal use.

, for example, a TEACHABLE in U. S. BRYANT company Ⅲ system of CNC cylindrical grinder in automatic machining, grinding wheel dresser to wear off. To observe the fault phenomenon and prevent accidents from happening again, grinding wheel will be removed to run a machine, then again observe failure phenomenon, found in automatic grinding, grinding normal no problem, after grinding, the workpiece dressing grinding wheel, grinding wheel feed, normal and grinding wheel dresser spinning very fast and soon pressure limit switch, if the grinding wheel was not hurt, the grinding wheel and certainly hit on the dresser. According to the working principle of machine tool, grinding wheel dresser by E shaft servo motor driven, with the rotary encoder as the position feedback component. Normally dresser dressing grinding wheel, Z axis sliding table driven shaft move dresser to finishing position, E dresser do 30 ° ~ 120 ° swing to dressing grinding wheel. Observing fault phenomenon, we found that the E axis in pressure limit switch, E axis coordinates on the screen is only about 60 °, and the actual position probably around 180 °, is clearly position feedback problems, but to replace the control board and encoder didn't solve the problem. And after repeated observations and experiments, we found: E axis finisher at the edge of the Z axis, back to the reference point and swings are no problem, must use the alarm message system.

now since the diagnosis ability of numerical control system has become more and more strong, most of the equipment to be able to diagnose faults of CNC system, and take corresponding measures, such as downtime, usually produce the alarm display. When numerical control equipment malfunction, sometimes displayed on the monitor alarm information, and sometimes in the numerical control device, PLC device and driving device alarm indication. Then according to the manual for these alarm information is analyzed, and some can be directly according to the alarm information to confirm the cause of the problem, as long as you understand the content of the alarm message, can eliminate the numerical control equipment failure.

, for example, a SIEMENS in Germany 810 system of grinding machine, CNC channel ALARM display boot occurs after 1 '' ALARM POWER SUPPLY', clearly indicating numerical control POWER system protection batteries, after replacing new BATTERY ( Note: be sure to change under the condition of the system charged batteries) The machine tool recovery use, reset the fault. Another three system of CNC grinding machine, SIEMENS is used to boot screen is not shown, after check the numerical control device, find a led flashing on the CPU board, according to the directions, analyze the flicker frequency, and identified as low battery voltage power protection, replace the battery, after restart the system fault disappear.

, for example, a Japanese FANUC 0 tc system of numerical control lathe, appear alarm, 2043, shows 'HYD. The hydraulic system PRESSURE low PRESSURE DOWN ', instructions. According to the alarm information and inspection on the hydraulic system, found that hydraulic pressure is very low, to adjust the hydraulic pressure machine back to normal use.

other fault alarm information does not reflect the fault of the root causes, but rather reflect the result of the failure or cause other problems, then can check after careful analysis and determine the cause of the problem, the following method for this type of failure and no alarm some fault detection is effective.

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