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by:Coolmay     2020-06-13
I am a 80, major in mechanical, currently engaged in machinery industry, design analysis and test.

remember, distance undergraduate course graduation has nearly 10 years, but on the eve of graduation project ( Graduation design) Very impressive, the topic is the nose portable strapping machine.

at the earliest, the contact of the first strapping machine made in Taiwan, its control system is made up of traditional CAM mechanism with a travel switch, high reliability. Then I will transform it into two sets of control system, on the basis of the original added PLC controller control system, two sets of system can switch freely, independent operation.

AME companies in the United States of strapping production line, its core parts depends on the nose, also is the key parts sintering play button, the device is composed of two head, sintering two strapping tape at the same time, after waiting for the crib body sintering crisscross the other two strapping band, because the head is fixed and can not meet the requirements of the specific situation.

design, decorate the nose on the driven by servo motor ball screw, solved the problems of the movement of the head, the key is associated with mobile strapping tape. Sliding strapping tape guide ( FIG. 1) Randomly moving head automatically open the corresponding spring buckle ( FIG. 2) Button, and the original spring guide to form a new track.

figure 1 mobile guide department

snap on figure 2 guide

after the completion of the structural design is the design of the electric control system, the new system mainly adopts PLC program design, input and output module, and many times repeated use of lighting, sound simulation, to verify the reliability program.

is constantly in the process of test, input/output module of PLC failure is a common fault. And Taiwan strapping machine is CAM control system, three CAM position on a spindle, sequential control, it is hard to fail. Today, technology has advanced and developed rapidly, electric control can realize more complex control, but the mechanical control system is not to be replaced, mechanical control of finer, more accurate, more reliable. I want to buy watches, water meter, electric meter all these metrics such as class equipment will have experience greatly.

technology zone of low voltage ac motor from the cool fan what is the function of the principle of the servo motor? What areas can use? Little knowledge relay and what are the role of the safety relay in industrial control, FESTO play a role in the industrial control electromagnetic valve: : laser
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