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by:Coolmay     2020-07-04
【 PLC wiring diagram 】 Hardware wiring diagram, also known as the PLC is the PLC's input, output and control system of the button, switch, indicator light and other input, output, equipment attachment pictures. With other control circuit diagram, PLC controller as the only one of the devices. The diagram below:

' PLC controller】 Is programmable logic controller, it USES a programmable memory, used for its internal storage procedures, to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process.

one, in the case of Siemens 32 road DO wiring method is as follows:

terminal,11,21,31 connect power supply 24 v + 1, 2 - 9, 12 - 19, 22 - 29, 32 - 39, connect a relay coil end, 10,20,30,40 relay coil and the other end terminals, power supply 24 v - , so that the PLC point Q output, the output of the corresponding points, also can drive the relay action. 12 the indirect export, but you didn't watch carefully, between the output and power supply, on both ends of the relay coil end point Q, connect power at one end of the cathode, 1 the positive terminal to connect power, the power is generally 24 v.

2, PLC control electric circuit, for example about peripheral

total pressure motor control circuit design of starting control contactor electric control logic by ac contactor KM coil, indicator light HL1, thermal relay contactor FR, stop button SB2, start button SB1 and contactor dynamic auxiliary contact KM by wire connection.

after closed the QS to press the start button SB1, KM is coil electricity and self-locking, through to light HL1 branch's auxiliary contactor KM and the main contact of the main circuit, HL1 M bright, motor starting; Press the stop button SB2, coil KM blackouts, indicator light HL1, M a halt.

total pressure motor starter electric control line

a) Main circuit b) Control circuit

S7 series PLC was adopted to realize the main circuit of motor starting full pressure control remains the same, thermal relay contact FR, stop button SB2, start button SB1 as PLC input devices such as pick up on the PLC input interface, and ac contactor KM coil, indicator light HL1 the output equipment of such as PLC on PLC output interface. According to the system logic by performing a writing as required by the motor full pressure control and deposited in the program memory in the user program implementation.

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