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by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
‍ ‍ ‍ A, project background

air compressor is a kind of to the compressed gas equipment, is the original movement ( Usually the motor, Device that can convert the mechanical energy of gas pressure. Air compressor and pump structure, most of the air compressor is a reciprocating piston, the rotor blades or rotating screw.

with the ascension of modern technology, customer parameters and running status of equipment, alarm information such as the demand is higher and higher. Equipment manufacturers through the fragile life, abnormal operation timely access to information, such as generate business information system both for the customer provides a solution instead of traditional artificial management, improve the level of the enterprise services, and after-sales system provides accurate information for the enterprise, enhance profitability.

‍ ‍

air compressor, product configuration is one of the many enterprises the main mechanical power equipment, it is necessary to maintain safe and reliable operation of the air compressor. Strict protection measures, not only help to extend the service life of air compressor, and can ensure the security of the air compressor operating personnel. Security and protection include current, voltage, phase sequence, temperature, pressure protection, etc. Hardware configuration is as follows:

3, equipment networking

& other; Letter jie cloud & throughout; In the island state of the centralized management of the air compressor equipment, user data can be used for real-time monitoring equipment, recording equipment information, management of equipment maintenance records, to the digital management of traditional artificial management way transformation. The system to provide the PC WEB monitoring terminal.

‍ ‍ Equipment monitoring system of information flow to refer to the following figure: & ZWJ; ‍

4, main function

1, real-time image data contains real-time data and status display screen and the user preferences screen, screen above will real-time display.

2, remote control function in the WEB via remote change device information, control equipment status, the function in the system administrator user only available, which can realize remote fee, diagnosis, etc.

3, historical data will be real-time data in the database according to the requirement, call over the web in the form of history curve or table.

4, equipment alarm function of the remote device alarm timely capture deposited in the database, the user can open the alarm data interface to view. Need to be maintenance of alarm equipment requirements, manufacturers can take the initiative to contact the user to resolve the problem, and record and maintenance record.

5, maintenance record can be used as equipment parameter. Equipment manufacturers can be used to record equipment operation maintenance of the process of information, digital storage, and traceability. End users can view the manufacturers recommendations follow-up operations security applications. , and five

this project by means of letter jie XD series PLC controller, the G BOX network module, etc, and also cooperate with cloud platforms of the application letter, the island of air compressor equipment centralized intelligent management, instead of the traditional time-consuming manual management, not only improve the level of the enterprise services, and after-sales system provides accurate information for the enterprise, enhance the profitability of enterprises.

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