Learn the skill of PLC programming experience sharing - six aspects

by:Coolmay     2020-06-20
Programmable controller is a set of computer technology, communication technology, automatic control technology for the integration of industrial control device. For beginners to master the basic principle of PLC, familiar with the commonly used programming method, can make a simple system programming in fashion with ease, but fall short of more complex control system design, handy to PLC applications, in addition to set up the correct learning methods, in-depth study of PLC programming skills, the most important is the knowledge of learning. The following from six aspects about learning the experience of PLC.

2, familiar with software packages to learn mitsubishi products as an example to introduce the use of the software package. Mitsubishi package consists of two parts, GXSimulator6C GXDeveloperVersion8C programming software and simulation software. Programming software GXDeveloperVersion8C provides a programming environment for designers. Designers should master and skilled application programming manual editing techniques, make its design scheme were presented. Designed program can meet the control tasks, it is necessary to debug, traditional way of debugging is dependent on the programmable controller CPU, if necessary, you also need to in addition to input and output module, special function module and the external machine, etc. GXSimulator simulation software provides a virtual experiment platform. GXSimulator is run on Windows of soft component packages, installed in within the computer have GXDeveloper additional GXSimulator, could not achieve online debugging. Not on-line debugging monitoring tests, including soft component in external machine simulation of I/O operation, etc. For individual learning, no experimental conditions, simulation software can be conducted on a personal computer sequence control program development and debugging. The user through a simulation program continuously debug, slowly understand programming experience, thus increasing programming experience. Three, special function module in the learning process, most of the students will study focuses on the software programming, and modern industrial control PLC proposed many new issues, if use to solve the general I/O module, the hardware cost is too high, in the aspect of software programming is quite trouble, some control task even can not use the general I/O module to complete. Therefore, learning PLC special function module is particularly important. These special function module with analog input and output module, high speed counting module and motion control module, etc. These special function module of PLC controller manufacturer gives a detailed manual, users can read the manual carefully to complete the realization of special function, makes the software programming to simplify and reduce the economic cost.

4, connect the programmable controller, man-machine interface using screen shows, through the input unit ( Such as touch screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. ) Write working parameters or input commands, realizes the person and the machine information interaction digital devices known as the man-machine interface, commonly known as the touch screen. Touch screen with its easy to use, durable, fast response, and the advantages of saving space, causing the system designers are more and more feel using touch screen does have considerable advantages. Touch screen is made up of two parts of hardware and software. Software can be used to complete the design of the user interface, the combination of PLC program design greatly simplifies the use of computers, even the people who know nothing about computer, to don't understand the operation of the PLC programming personnel, will also be able to set control system according to the requirements of control parameters, production formula storage, equipment, production data records, and so on. Touch screen can according to the following steps of learning. The first in a series of touch screen design manual for the user read the picture design; Then design screen screen operation implement the corresponding PLC program; Finally opened the touch screen, PLC programming simulation software simulation debugging.

five, three kinds of schools at present, the mainstream products in the world, there are more than 200 manufacturers of PLC. Generally can be geographically divided into the three main genres: a genre is Japanese products, represented by mitsubishi FX series small PLC. A genre is American products, represented by AB PLC series medium-sized PLC; There is also a genre is the European products, Germany's Siemens S7 series of large PLC as representative. Different models of PLC products have different characteristics, not only in special complex functions, etc. , is in programming languages, program organization, etc. There are large differences. To master all the PLC products clearly not reality, there is no need. On the basis of mastering a PLC products, consciously choose the most representative in other major schools of products, using the method of contrast study relatively in-depth study. So in the later work, study and develop research encountered in other models, will be able to do the one instance. Six, make full use of network resources, grasp the latest information of the application and development of PLC PLC product update quickly, to grasp the latest information of the application and development of PLC in time, to make full use of the Internet provides us with learning platform, easily and quickly, economic grasp the newest trend of PLC. Especially in some professional BBS on the network can provide us with a higher level of communication platform, a lot of learning materials, user manual, function of the software update, make learners have benefited a lot from different stage. In short, easy introduction to PLC, grasp the programming method of programmable controller, would be able to design to meet the requirements of the production tasks, and the program concise, readable, designers must be in-depth study of PLC controller technology, learners can through the interface

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