Learn to master the three typical PLC instance -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-19
One, the control output program

1. The equivalent control output

output only depends on the control input state now.

2。 Long-term control output

control output is not totally depends on the input of present condition, also related to the history of the input. Input have long-lasting effect on output.

3。 Short-term control output

it's output is not entirely depends on the input of state. It's only brief input to output effect, therefore calls a short-acting output.

2, single button start stop program

1. Single button immediately, stop the program

a) OMRON PLC; b) Mitsubishi PLC;

c, d) Siemens PLC.

e) Hollysys PLC; f)

AB PLC shown below also has the same function. Just here with contact and after the first string. The pulse signal generated by differential instruction.

2。 Single button short press on, long press ( More than 1 s) Stop program

the single button up, and stop ladder diagram program, is up and stop, easy to 'fool'. Actually, can use button completely different time, to distinguish the stop.

3。 A single button press (long More than 1 s) According to stop process, short

a - OMRON PLC program; B - mitsubishi work2 software PLC program

c - schneider Unity Pro XL software PLC program; D - Siemens ST7 software PLC program three


common factor program common factor is this Euclidean algorithm, such as expressed in expression, is:

a) OMRON PLC controller; b) Siemens PLC. c) Mitsubishi PLC; d) Hollysys PLC

find the common factor of two integers subroutine

subroutine, to implement the above algorithms within the curly braces.

) OMRON PLC; b) Siemens PLC. c) Mitsubishi PLC; d) Hollysys PLC

two integer common factor of the main program

main program, the algorithm to achieve the above curly braces.

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