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by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
Q1: PC display the current in the offline state, not connected to the PLC?


lead to this situation is mainly due to the following reasons:

1, the user to change the PORT1 mouth on the PLC communication parameters ( Please do not modify PORT1 mouth communication parameters, otherwise will lead to your PC and PLC cannot be connected) ;

2, USB series driver software installation is not correct or turn the USB serial port line performance is not good;

3, PLC PORT1 communication mouth damage;

4, use is not letter express company dedicated XVP download communication line.

processing method: 1, first of all, please confirm whether PC connected to the PLC communication lines to express company dedicated XVP line, if not, please replace the letter express company dedicated XVP communication line;

2. If the confirmation letter is cable company dedicated XVP line and use the USB transfer list, you can find a desktop computer with 9-pin serial ports try to connect with PLC, if with the desktop computer can normal connection, please replace the better performance of USB serial port or reinstall turn USB series driver software;

3, if the PLC and the desktop computer can normal connection, you can use 'electricity stop PLC' function to stop PLC, PLC will restore to factory Settings at the same time;

4, if by bringing 9-pin serial desktop computers do PLC system update, if the system update is not successful or failing to update, most likely PLC communication port is damaged, please contact directly with the agent and the manufacturer.

Q2: why using ALT commands to control the output, the output point has been flashing?

A2: for ALT and many operation instruction, as long as the condition is met, Such as: normally open often flash coil as the trigger condition) , each will perform a scanning period, so in when using these instructions, it is best to use rising along the trigger condition, falling edge.

Q3: PLC by the coil in M, and output terminals sometimes cannot output Y? A3: output there are two main methods: 1, with OUT command output; 2, use the SET command output, SET instructions or the position of the coil Y port output, such as not to reset ( RST) , the coil will keep the output state.

generally in the program, the same coil M or output Y can use only one way to output, if mix at the same time, two kinds of output modes cannot output phenomenon will occur.

Q4: on the button battery in the PLC CPU board in inspection and replacement problem?

A4: rated voltage is 3 v button battery, can use a multimeter measure the voltage to determine whether the button battery, button cell is a bit; When PLC power to maintain the register after the electricity to electricity, the values are all become very big, in general is likely to be PLC button without electricity; If the batteries need to be sent back to the company to replace the battery.

Q5: with configuration software communication problems?

A5: if the configuration software can be directly in choosing letter jie XC series PLC, directly after configuration in sequence; If not directly choose letter jie XC series PLC controller, should choose the MODBUS - RTU communication mode, through the RS485 communication, specific parameter Settings, please refer to chapter 7 letter jie XC programmable control user manual communication function, specific address Settings, must be in accordance with the user manual in the 'soft PLC components number and address of the MODBUS number corresponding table'.

Q6: MODBUS communication problems?

A6: first of all, please ensure that the PLC on the A and B terminals and other equipment of the RS485 communication terminals connected correctly, if you want to modify the parameters of the PLC PORT2 mouth, please directly in the data monitoring, to register FD8220 modified.

please ensure consistent communication of PLC and communications equipment parameters, PLC communication parameter setting in the FD8221, finishes parameter is set, the PLC on again when the power is cut off the electricity.

communications preferences of different equipment is generally not the same, please be sure to select the frequency of the communications equipment right given way, find out the corresponding MODBUS address and function code, after some communications equipment need to run a given signal frequency display Settings.

Q7: XC series PLC three lights ( 压水式反应堆/双关语/犯错) Problem


Q8: why equipment operation after a period of time the output point output abnormal action?

A8: may is the output terminal of the terminal loose poor contact, to check whether there is loose wiring or fall off type terminal.

Q9: why extension module power indicator light is lit, but can't work? A9:

may be module connection strip with PLC pin poor contact or host problem, confirm the host connected to the extension machine without loose, and confirm the host to cross contrast or extension machine problem

Q10: why will access the PLC high-speed counter high-speed pulse input but not register of high-speed count?

A10: if you want to carry on the count, in addition to access to high speed pulse counting PLC high-speed input, but also cooperate with functional instructions written corresponding count program at a high speed.

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