LEVI - man-machine interface Lk and LX3V - 700 1412 mt series PLC in the application of filter paper folding machine - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-03
One, introduction to the filter paper folding machine for processing all kinds of automobile air conditioner filter, gas filter paper folding, the equipment is simple to operate, fast folding. The equipment is also equipped with paper paper humidification and drying process of toughness, low demands on paper quality. Operator can also be free to set number, after counting to output tag, convenient late manual cutting.

2 folds, technological requirements, the equipment is mainly divided into pressure shaft, fold the paper shaft, shaft. According to the processing element of different diameter, pressure creases of fold axis ( Creases: paper folding in need two roller rolling out trace, convenient folding bending) behind The height and fold number is different also, the operator should change according to the creases to artificial pressure plait on the shaft of roller. The change of the roller diameter and the height of crease, cause other work axis speed matching according to certain proportion.

3, the control system mainly adopts LEVI - d accused of man-machine interface Host the LX3V - 700 lk, PLC controller 1412 mt. Pressure fold axis and the drawing paper axis adopt inverter control. Pressure plait shaft encoder speed, panel potentiometer given frequency. The paper shaft frequency obtained by pressure plait tachometer shaft encoder, MODBUS communication is given. Fold axis using stepper motor, using the pulse + directional control, frequency up to 200 KHZ. The heating part on temperature control instrument set high and low temperature.

control points: M0 axis and M1 shaft speed relationship - As shown in the figure below. By M0 potentiometer to adjust speed of spindle using external panel, M1 shaft with M0 shaft linear velocity faster and faster. Normal runtime M0, M1 shaft to keep the same linear velocity, but the beginning of the start of speed higher than M0, M1 shaft linear velocity slightly faster ( Or it will cause paper la is not tight, affect the product appearance) , by adjusting the frequency converter of M0, M1 shaft deceleration time can solve this problem.

M0 relationship - axis and M2 shaft speed The diagram below. M2 shaft factory fold axis with 12 fold tooth fixed. M2 axis high speed by M0 axis fold and fold number. Known M0 axis high fold, fold and running speed can draw out several fold, every second, in turn, can be calculated, the M2 shaft need to turn several fold high every second, and finally converted to M2 operating frequency.

4, program are briefly introduced, HMI program

part of PLC program:

velocity timing interrupt program

speed relations using floating point calculation, accurate calculation error is small.

MODBUS communication, program as a subroutine call operation parameters, improving the efficiency of the main program.

5, project summary 1, this equipment is mainly through procedural adjustments to obtain linear velocity matching, before the equipment is to rely on mechanical gear only to adjust speed, operating personnel to replace pressure plait to change a whole set of drive gear shaft. Compared with PLC control has strong flexibility, cost saving, convenient debugging, mechanical noise is small, high efficiency advantages.

2, applications to the communications instructions, high pulse output, high speed counting instructions, timer interrupt, etc. After time validation dimension control PLC reliable operation, stable, and easy to learn programming.

technology zone servo system market competition is intense, how to take smart river lake heights? Trinamic launched special EtherCAT LEVI - motion controller man-machine interface Lk and LX3V - 700 1412 mt series PLC in the application of filter paper folding machine d LEVI - man-machine interface 430 t, LX3V - 1212 host Mr Series PLC application in the grinding machine industrial automation control system, the application of 3566 current loop isolation interface chip
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