MCU can take the place of a PLC -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-28

the first PLC, is to use relay set up, use ladder diagram programming, only need to Boolean algebra foundation, very suitable for electrical engineer to do simple application development.

with the development of the single chip microcomputer, quickly replaced by the relay logic, die in die out has become the standard. Due to the component and technology mature, high reliability, widely application.

I use in the eighty s the development of the domestic counterparts for the first set of PLC application of PLC, was written by hand ladder diagram, programming input device. Very troublesome. Now all kinds of mature development environment early replaced the original programmer. More efficient and not easy to get wrong. Many year themselves by MCU to PLC in the system, is a natural.

but SCM still have their own market, first of all, a large number of embedded applications, such as intelligent washing machine or instrument, production frequently hundreds of thousands of millions, PLC controller can't afford to price and volume. Themselves or entrust development of single-chip microcomputer control is the most common model.

followed by the large amount of calculation. By this time MCU, industrial computer is preferred.

I don't think that need to be replaced, and in the light of the PLC controller based on relay logic control, is specially designed for application in industrial environment and digital computing operations electronic systems.

PLC controller CPU is also embedded microprocessor, is controlled by the microcomputer technology and relay the conventional concept of combining the product.

it is more adaptable to industrial automation control, adopts the model of ladder diagram programming language is easier to understand and operate, easy to write and maintain.

instead of single chip microcomputer belong to product of embedded development, while the advanced programming language, but shall not apply to the industrial automation design, it requires that the designers have a computer language programming ability, design and development, in the factory is not applicable.

The manufacture marketing game of plc manufacturers is changing with each innovation, and businesses of all products need to be ready to pounce.
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