Mitsubishi FX3U PLC as an example to demonstrate the PLC declassified -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02

is engaged in automation and industrial control friend, have you ever met the following trouble?

1, machinery and equipment on the PLC is broken, need to replace the new PLC controller, but the program set the password, can't read it out.

2, factory needs to equipment maintenance and renovation, PLC is encrypted, no program, can't modify.

3, want to understand the working principle of equipment, familiar with equipment process, learning PLC program, improve their working skills.

4, PLC encrypted equipment manufacturer, manufacturer for various reasons, cannot provide technical support.

5, touch screen in use process need to modify the parameters, or touch screen damage can't normal use, need to read the touch screen program, but the touch screen is set to prohibit the upload.

if you have lived through the trouble and confusion, please continue to look down!

goodfellas, we should respect other people's work achievement and intellectual property. Crack in order to better create production value, rather than stealing intellectual property or other ulterior motives of unethical behavior!

a lot of old equipment problems and may not contact manufacturer or have already shut down, this time a PLC decryption software will give you one good thing came out of it. Below a mitsubishi FX3U PLC, for example, to demonstrate the mysterious journey to decrypt. 。 。

the first step off the PLC power supply, open the PLC is at the top of the end cover, the diagram below, you can see a similar rectangle port, in the face of port, the number from the left to the port of the ninth stitching, up and down with the stitching is 9. Then use very fine tweezers ( Or wire) Will two feet 9 sub. The second step

to electricity, PLC lamp flicker. Take short tweezers (at this time Or wire) Remove, remember can't without electricity, open the decryption software, choose good communication port, click decrypt the password can read the first paragraph. Write down the password, close the decryption software. The third step

use cable to connect PLC, open special decryption software, read password ( There is only one password) And read password (note Pay attention to the case) , turn off your software. Step 4 in the

open programming software and communication with PLC, just enter the first password when prompted for a password, no need to worry about the second password, click on the confirmation, program can read. Step 5

again login to modify keywords through programming software reset password two pieces, and then restart the power to take effect.

note NO. 1

if there is no in alarm state change passwords, then restart PLC or the original password, in case of a power cut. Because the original paragraph 2 password still don't know, so still can't upload program.

note NO. 2 read

alarm condition program is incomplete, must first by modifying two password, and then restart read out under normal conditions for PLC is complete, it is the key!

hint 1

the FX3U PLC is one of decryption method, many different types, different brand, specific implementation methods there are many, but the principle is the most important and most difficult.

as the saying goes: avenue without surgery, in the tangible, if a trail. Some of the details for may introduce too clear, also can't be sure to begin to try, more brain, more insight can be profitable.


once again, the technology is in the service of the social progress, if use the technique of the crack something contrary to morality in violation of the law, it is very different with the purpose of this article, hope to do electrical automation technology practitioners who have good professional ethics.

tip 3

in the end, to send you a few PLC software collection ( Note: the software are from Internet, everyone should verify) , hope everyone to use tools in place, you will play the twice the result with half the effort! ! !

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