Mitsubishi PLC analog input module programming and use - case analysis

by:Coolmay     2020-07-03

( A) Analog input module

FX2N commonly used have FX2N - analog input module 2广告,FX2N - 4广告,FX2N - 8 AD analog input module and a temperature sensor input module. FX— AD for 2 channel 12 bit A/D conversion module. According to the external connection method and PLC controller instruction, can choose the input voltage or current input, is a kind of high accuracy of input module. By simple adjustments or according to the instructions of the programmable controller can change the scope of the analog input. Instantaneous value and value of data read and write with the FROM/TO the instructions.

FX - The technical index of the 2 AD

2) Analog output module

FX2N commonly used have FX2N - analog output module 2 da, FX2N - 4 da, FX2N - 8 da analog output module. FX— 2 da is 2 channel 12 bit D/A conversion module, output module is A high precision. By simple adjustments or according to the instructions of the programmable controller can change the range of analog output. Instantaneous value and value of data read and write with the FROM/TO the instructions.

FX - The technical index of the 2 da

2, analog module USES ( A) To determine the module number

on the right side of the FX series PLC controller basic unit, can connect up to 8 pieces of special function modules, their number since the most close to the one in the basic unit in order of 0 ~ 7. As shown in figure: the configuration using FX2N48 some basic unit, connect the FX - 4广告,FX - 4 da, FX - 2 AD 3 piece of analog module, they numbered 0, 1, 2, respectively. These three pieces of module 2 chunk extension does not affect the right number, but will affect the total input and output points. Three pieces of analog module for take up 24 points, the basic unit and the expansion of total input and output points can only have 232 points.

( 2) Buffer register ( BFM) Distribution

FX series PLC controller basic unit and FX - 4AD、FX— 2 da etc. The data communication between analog module is by the FROM instructions and TO command TO execute, the FROM is the basic unit FROM FX - 4AD、FX— 2 da read data command, TO write data from the basic unit FX - 4AD、FX— 2 da's instruction. Actually read and write operations are on FX - 4AD、FX— 2 da buffer register BFM. The buffer register area consisting of 32 16-bit registers, Numbers for BFM# 0 # 31.

( 3) FX - 4 AD module BFM distribution list

4) Programming, for example,

FX - 4 AD analog input module is connected to the FX2N - closest to the basic unit 48 where Mr, then its Numbers for N0, if only opened CH1 and CH2 two channels as a voltage input channel, calculate the average sampling frequency for four times, programmable controller of D0 and D1 receives respectively the two channel digital quantity input average, and the ladder diagram programming.

ladder diagram

case: central air-conditioning temperature control

a, action requirements analysis

the refrigeration system using two stage compressor unit, system requirements when the temperature in less than 12 ℃ is not starting the unit, in order for two units of temperature 12 ℃ higher than the starting, the temperature 12 ℃, down to stop one of the units. Requirements before starting a stop, the temperature dropped to 7. Stop for two units of 5 ℃, the temperature is below 5 ℃, the temperature alarm system.

second, the hardware design in the control system, temperature point detection can be used with the switch output temperature sensor to complete, but there are a lot of temperature testing point system, or to constantly adjust the temperature according to environment temperature change, want to use a lot of switch temperature sensor, and occupy more of the input point, install the wiring is not convenient, the temperature sensor with temperature signal is converted into analog of the continuous change, so the refrigeration unit control system is an analog control system. For an analog control system, controlled by programmable controller, the control performance can be greatly improved. Here you can choose FX2N - Mr Basic unit and FX2N - 32 4AD- PT analog input unit, can be convenient to control requirements.

3, software design

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