Mitsubishi PLC example explanation - The pulse direction - PLSV instruction

by:Coolmay     2020-07-04

instruction can set up a single output point in using a target at a certain frequency pulse, in the directive you can set the pulse frequency, pulse number, and send the output of the pulse points; But can only control pulse, if the pulse and direction of pulse mode, the direction of the points to choose a common switch and control. Prior to pulse instruction given direction signal.

PLSY: 16 consecutive operating pulse output command DPLSY: 32-bit continuous operating pulse output instructions

FXPLC PLSY programming instruction format:

PLSY K1000 D0 Y0

* K1000: specify the output pulse frequency, can be a T, C, D, numerical or a component such as K4X0

* D0: specify the number of output pulse, can be a T, C, D, numerical or a component such as K4X0, when the value is 0, unlimited number of output pulse

* Y0: the specified pulse output terminals, FX2N series is only Y0 or Y1, FX3U can be Y0, Y1 and Y2 series.

command description


programming instance M0 closed, PLC in Y0 mouth has issued 2000 pulse, pulse at a speed of 500 after sending the pulse M8029 action, reset M0. M1 closed, PLC controller in Y1 mouth pulse, when the pulse range of 0, the PLC has been sending pulse, and to run 1000 pulse rate, at this point, the M8029 action to complete the sign bit unable to action. 2, PLSR

deceleration instructions and in the instruction can set the maximum frequency of pulse, pulse, deceleration time and the pulse output point total. By setting the deceleration time to achieve uniform acceleration. If the pulses and the direction of the pulse mode also needs to control the direction of more points. On the highest frequency, of the specified speed, the number of output pulse of specified, are set to slow down.

instruction format


programming instance M0 closed, PLC in 100 ms time up to 500, sending 2000 pulse, M8029 action to complete the sign bit action, reset M0, at this point, the pulse output stop immediately.

3, PLSV instructions PLSV instructions for any time can be variable speed, can real-time commands to change the pulse frequency, can be set in the command pulse real-time frequency, pulse output points, and the direction. But can not set the total number of pulses, which is not through the instruction location, if you need is not very accurate positioning can be used in high speed point when compare with pulse counter and target values, but in PLC scan cycle each time, so more than a few pulses.

instruction format

programming instance M0 closed, PLC in 2000 pulse speed toward positive pulse.

M1 closed, PLC controller in 2000 pulse speed to reverse pulse.

can see, pulse PLSV instructions direction determined by the sign of S1.

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