Mitsubishi PLC programming a variety of cable connection diagram collection collection - quickly

by:Coolmay     2020-07-03
The mitsubishi PLC programming cable connections to share about the wiring diagram, let everyone knows to make programming cable, worthy of serious study, then use also convenient!

RS232 interface of mitsubishi Q series PLC controller programming communication cable

to FX - computer 232AW/FXON- 232 adp / 50 du connecting cable

FX0xs FX0n/FX2n/FX1n PLC to A970G0T human-machine interface connecting cable

mitsubishi FX - 20P- E handheld programmer to FX2 / FX2C mitsubishi FX series PLC controller connection cable

- 20P- E handheld programmer to FX0 / FX2n/FX1n series PLC connection cable.

mitsubishi FX2n/FX0 / FX1n series PLC controller universal adapter cable.

mitsubishi FX2 F940 / / A series PLC and human-machine interface F930 / F920 connected cable.

computer programming to 930/920 mitsubishi F940 / touch screen cable.

FX - Aw and FX2N 232 / FX1N/FX0N FX1S/FX0 connecting cable, etc.

mitsubishi GT11 / GT15 touch screen cable connection Q series PLC.

mitsubishi GT11, GT15 touch screen connection, FX2C, A, QnA FX2 series PLC cable

, A series FX2 PLC to A970G0T man-machine interface connecting cable

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