Mitsubishi PLCGXworks2 and computer on-line

by:Coolmay     2020-07-04

link PLC controller and computer data line, and set up good port and baud rate of communication, detection through can use, if you installed driver, cable attached discs have tutorial


operation steps of the software is the key


thank you for your love good connection cable, first installed driver, set the PC and PLC port ( Both have been) , test connection is successful, success with respect to OK

darling little clumsy bear

click on the software interface on the left side of the lower part of the 'target connection', double click the bottom of the current connection target icon, so mitsubishi GX - the programming software D connection interface came

as for the wires, USB connection need to first install mitsubishi drive, drive path:

buttonwood A

yes, now mostly use USB connection, very convenient. Software come with driver. Right upstairs.


mitsubishi PLC program is simple, as long as the related parameters have been set is OK.

honestly state electric

now generally are notebooks, programming should be a USB cable, connection method:

1, the need to install the corresponding driver, if you buy online, there is a small disc, with cable can be installed.

2, open the computer, software, prompt set according to the fourth floor.

communications test first, after a successful remember was determined.

304 csu to buy a special USB - SC09- FX, mitsubishi's official website to download it is ok to use manual control to do

connection, click on the communications test

work ChengMing long

1, first of all have to buy a cable with USB - as I am SC09- FX

2, install the driver: download the USB - online SC09- FX drive packages, extract the

3 installation, use to buy cable, connect the computer and PLC

4, on the surface of the table after the mouse right click 'computer' open management, find the device manager, click on find a port on the right, see shows the com a few, and remember!

5, open works2 software, find the current connection in navigation engineering targets, click enter.

6, in the window that displays, click on serial, the pop-up dialog, select the com in step 4 remember, then click on the 'communication test' on the right, after the success of the prompt, click ok, it is ok to


don't need to set up, even the PLC controller directly, and then check your computer hardware in properties, the usb drive, there is an exclamation mark, you can click on the install, and then select you install the software disc, it is ok to automatically search, point to determine surging

to set up the port baud rate model and the connection test

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