Mixer automatic timing - mixing PLC design

by:Coolmay     2020-06-15
Mixer automatic timing stirring

the author thinking about for a long time, also done a lot of projects, the program actually not difficult, the demand of real hard place is the early stage of the communication, and later after-sales maintenance, if we really prepared to the following, will help us faster, better, more convenient to complete automation project.


1, understand the project requirements

4 3, circuit design, control principle

only after we understand the above four, we are trying to make up for the following program, you will find difficult?

, for example:

- as shown in figure 1 2 as a blender, it is used for mixing the two liquids. Initial state has no liquid in the cylinder, the motor and three solenoid valves shall be electric, valve closed

work, press the start button, A, B two valve to open at the same time, began to feed. A valve shut down after 30 s, B valve to continue feeding, when the liquid level reaches the sensor 2, mixing motor start, liquid mixing. When the liquid level sensor three B valve closed, after 5 min, mixing motor to stop. At the same time, the discharge valve is opened, C feeding. When the liquid level is lower than the sensor 1, 10 s close the discharge valve C in delay, to complete a working cycle.

the system requires a single cycle work, continuous work, two kinds of works. Single cycle or press the start button, only work completion of a cycle, continuous work to implement the working process of the single cycle again and again.

1。 Input/output element and control function

- such as table 1 1, this paper introduces the mixer automatic timing mixing used in the input/output components and control function. Table 1

1 input/output element and control function

2, circuit design mixer automatic timing stirring PLC controller wiring diagram and state transition diagram as shown in figure 1 3.

figure 1 - 3 mixer automatic timing stirring


PLC controller runtime control principle, the initialization pulse M8002 make state S0 setting.

press the start button X0, S20 setting, Y0, Y1, A and B at the same time open the feed valve, T0 timer delay 30 s disconnect Y0, valve, A valve closing, B 2, when the liquid level reaches sensor premix Y3 to stir electric motor start, when the liquid level sensor three X3 setting the S21, Y1 lose electric B valve closed, Y3 still have electricity, mixing motor continue stirring 300 s, T1 action make S22 setting, Y3, losing electricity stop stirring motor, Y2 electricity, C valve open and discharge of liquid mixture, when the liquid level drops below the sensor 1 X1 normally closed contacts closed, T2 to delay put out, the remaining liquid after 10 s.

if switch SA is not closed, after the return to S0, stop working. If the switch is closed SA, after the return to S20, will continue the mixing process. Try to make up the program, we might have a harvest.

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