Multiple aspects of PLC control system maintenance method

by:Coolmay     2020-06-24
The daily maintenance of PLC controller control system to improve the reliability of control system is close to prolong service life, and the daily maintenance of PLC control system is similar to other industrial computer control system, mainly including the following aspects:

equipped with PLC electrical control cabinet must be clean, dry environment. Electric cabinet internal should put moisture in the dry matter, and prevent the splash of coolant, oil mist.

no matter in the system work or stop state, the electric cupboard door always closed, keep electrical components have good sealing.

keep electric cabinet fan ( Such as the installation) The well ventilated, ventilation door to avoid the area of coolant, oil mist spraying, keep clean and dry air inlet.

requirements in accordance with the relevant provisions, regular check, clean or replace the fan filter, anti-dust mesh.

regularly clean electric cabinet inside and electrical components, particularly with internal fan installed components, surface dust, easily cope with the regular cleaning, ensure the electrical components are in good working environment and working condition.

cable, electrical, import and export shall be sealed condition, and prevent the invasion of the foreign body, dust.

regularly inspect and replace electrical damageable parts, to ensure that all electrical components within the specified service life.

for on/off power components of contactor, should check the contact state of contact, contact surface, prevent oxidation.

should be checked regularly in detecting element, switch on the equipment installation, clear the scrap iron on the detecting element, switch at any time, dirt and other contaminants, and ensure the reliability of the action.

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