Note - analytic PLC temperature control system design

by:Coolmay     2020-06-05
Must have a lot of new friends into line with PLC type selection design of the sometimes hard to decide, today we said in heating furnace, for example, in the process of selection need to be aware of some basic items:

PLC and heating furnace temperature control system design selection (

A) Preferred Siemens S7 series PLC:

, small points within a 100 - point, choose 1200 series;

hybrid system, choose S7 1500 series.

( 2) Communications:

Modbus TCP, Siemens Profinet, but currently support Profinet temperature control table is too little, or using the Modbus RTU connected single table. If a table is much, recommend using modular temperature control system, such as MLC9000 +, KS Vario:

temperature acquisition: two ways:

1, PLC, temperature control with PLC controller, flexibility is good, but the temperature is relatively trouble, because temperature PID when using self-tuning and programming needs certain basis;

2, temperature controller, temperature control, simple and convenient, but for the cascade control cost is high, there is no PLC.

at p series table in love association Lin stove applications:

pit type furnace, 4 areas temperature control. The West P series table.

3, PLC + temperature control table: temperature controller is responsible for the temperature, the PLC do motion control.

the graph is increasingly applied Wallace, nitriding furnace:

3) Temperature control:

1, ordinary furnace, single zone, direct control; Recommended temperature control table, WEST P series table, precision is one over one thousand.

2, muffle furnace, double zone, cascade control; Recommended temperature control table to collect data, such as MaxvU series ( Can be directly installed in the enclosure, make temperature acquisition for PLC) , PLC temperature control.

PLC and temperature control table with hand automatic control switch:

PLC and temperature control table, inside the PLC automatic control command to write with temperature control table directly, set on the HMI manual/automatic switching and control output OP.

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