Omron PLC programming before what kind of setting - need to be

by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
A relevant knowledge, high-speed count

by PRV instruction, can read the frequency of the input pulse, high-speed counter frequency measurement, frequency will be determined to Hz, hexadecimal 8-bit output for the unit, and can only be used in high speed counter is 0. In addition, still can be in the high speed counter 0 more action at the same time, the measurement frequency. Even in frequency measurement, also not to have an effect such as high-speed counter function, pulse output function. High speed counter frequency measurement steps ( 1) Setting: the use of high speed counter/do not use to set the PLC controller system High speed counter O with/without 】 Set to 'use'. ( 2) The choice of counter: 'PLC system in the setting of the High speed counter 】 /【 Pulse input mode 】 。 ( 3) Scope of numerical model of sampling: select PLC system in the setting of 【 High speed counter O 】 /【 Numerical range mode 】 , set the scale mode to circular mode, select PLC system set' High speed counter 0. /【 Ring counter maximum 】 。 ( 4) The choice of the ways of the high-speed counter current value reset: PLC system set up' High speed counter 0. /【 Reset the way 】 。 ( 5) PRV instruction execution: operands N is high speed counter of serial number' High speed counter input 0: # OO1O 】 ; Read operand C is frequency, for # 0003; The operand D is to keep frequency channel. Specifications of frequency measurement of the specifications of the high speed counter shown in the following table.

2, analog knowledge

analog programming in addition to do software aspects of computing, often need to do some hardware Settings.

such as current signal and voltage signal selection, resolution selection, channel selection, and so on.


according to the connection request, the built-in analog connection joint.

then need to set the analog input signal is current or voltage input.

the above four dial the code switch.

specific Settings below.

after completion of the hardware, need to find the corresponding Settings in software programming interface, specific Settings on software

such as channel selection or not, the resolution is 6000 or 12000, 4 - is the scope Ma, or 0 to 20 5 v, and so on parameters.

only after more relevant set correctly, to carry out related analog computation, conversion of quantities and so on.

it is futile, program statements written again good, also was not used. Three, password encryption

in CX - PLC P programming software workspace, right click the 'new', choose 'properties' - 'Protection' in the UM read input password protection in eight password, as shown in the figure below:

and then download the program to PLC, finally, in 'PLC' drop-down menu select 'protect' - 'Password'.

2. Release:

CX - P software online communication with PLC, in 'PLC controller' drop-down menu select 'protect' - 'Release code' and enter a password. * note:

if programmers don't want the encrypted program is covered by other user's program, can be put in the attribute 'no covering the protected program' option box, this operation later if you want to cover in the PLC program, you need to release the password.

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