On a common classification of PLC controller

by:Coolmay     2020-06-30
PLC is a kind of programmable memory, used for internal storage procedures, to perform logical operations, sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic instructions. General control structure model is a control device and servo motor. According to the different usage scenarios, of course, there are a variety of, for the classification of the PLC control then and small make up together to understand what are the common classification of PLC! ! ! ! According to the capacity for the first time points have large medium and small PLC PLC and PLC, small PLC I/O points generally below 256 points, medium-sized I/O points generally between 256 ~ 1024 points, large PLC I/O points in more than 1024 points. Followed by the function classification can be divided into low, mid-range machine and high-end machine. Finally is our common way of classification, according to the structure classification can be divided into integral PLC, PLC module type and fold type PLC, which piled up type PLC is a kind of new structure form, on the basis of the integral and modular PLC controller has been optimized and improved.
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