On learning of Siemens S7 - Analog six problems - 300 PLC

by:Coolmay     2020-06-29
Small make up a collection of some of the students in the learning of Siemens S7 - 300 PLC, common problems and share with you today, take a look at these problems also make you confused?

1, the Siemens S7 - 300 CPU315 - 2 pn/DP has two so, 317 - 2 pn/DP but only one mouth, why do you design, how to confirm a few so before selection.

a: first of all, on the surface are 2 pn/DP, old is a front-end ports, a 485. Most of the new are two front-end ports, a 485, has three so, need to query the manual, but can be by 300 software queries.

2, S7 - 300 PLC in the symbol table can only be one? If it is more than how to add?

a: you can't, is a global, there can be only one

3, analog input module, 13 bit refers to the resolution of the module, it corresponds to the number is 16384, or 27648? Is there a link between the accuracy of the analog and the corresponding numerical?

analog refers to how much can be accurate to the resolution of position, such as 13 bit is 13, the greater the number, the accuracy of the module ( Resolution) The higher.

13 bit = 212 = 4096, in order to calculate conveniently is equal to about 4000, if you choose to 0 10 v analog signal, the resolution is: 10 present 4000 = 2. 5 mv, mean to 10 v is divided into 4000.

if you bought 13 bit module, input voltage range is less than 2. 5 mv, then this module is not other, minimum fluctuation should be greater than or equal to 2. 5, for example: 2. 6 mv

13 bit, 12 -, 14 -, in S7 - 300 PLC, the corresponding numerical value is 27648, has nothing to do with precision value.

it means: if the voltage signal is 0 10 v, so in S7 - Will appear as a 0-300 PLC 27648. When the analog signal to 10 v, PLC controller will show the value of 27648. ( Does not apply to other PLC, not and so on)

4, so the CPU can directly use Internet to download? If there is no the MPI programming cable, what to use to download the program?

answer: you can download directly, without the MPI programming cable, can't download.

5, programming software is V5. 5, the simulation software is V5. 4, the two can use?

a: the two can be tie-in use

6, why CP343 - 1 lean always run? Sf, wrong?

( 1) , if the faults in the operation: basic consider network interruption, can try to use six class six classes or shielded cable and industrial switches. Single cable communication distance as far as possible do not exceed 75 m

2) , just configuration malfunction: for CP343 - 1 must lean new network can use, otherwise it will be submitted to the system failure

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