On the contrast of single-chip computer, PLC and embedded analyses - Embedded technology -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-30
Embedded is a large concept, it can be said that knowledge is a subset of the embedded microcontroller.

software level, can be divided into drive, simple system, the application of these three pieces. Based on the hardware at least including MCU, DSP, SOC, etc.

generally speaking, make a couple of years of MCU, the MCU + + simple driving system, simple application, but are not ripe for the operating system and complex applications.

encounter those who said they have embedded, just fish miscellaneous mix, dragon level should be asked to judge in detail.

for students, if you see the position, the development of the embedded can learn and imagination space is large, but it is likely to do and desktop development difference is not big, see professionals are embarrassed to say oneself to embedded; Is guaranteed by the single chip microcomputer can learn something, but imagination is fixed.

embedded/SCM, electronics, communications, computers, software, compare cluster. Below


1, 20 K said PLC I/o points and 20 IO, PLC, well. Wages. 。 。 。

2, PLC is only factory automation, widely used in a device, a derived: sensors, communications, drive ( Servo, frequency conversion) , weak current, 0. Under 6 kv) , configuration, DCS can belong to the PLC. From now I come into contact with the industry in the local office of the company's technical personnel, can through these little ( The local area code 02 x)

3, PLC you will only make the PLC controller? Automation is in the service of the process and the process, you don't digest, you don't have the core competitiveness, farmers is less code?

4, PLC technology content is not low, not soft not hard, but deal with all kinds of difficult application and clients. Recently, we have a small project, 10 k line diagnosis and alarm code, C.

5, automatic maintenance personnel of the enterprise and OEM business is the difference between heaven and earth, the former to the electrical diagram is one of the main work is to check the line, which user changes now will call the factory to do, is not called to party b. So, when party b is not great, also tired, but you get really learn kung fu.

6, Siemens industrial automation, the controller is: 200300400120, 0150. Well, regardless of across manufacturers, also don't say WINAC the soft PLC controller. Can you turn this 5 kinds of read, read and is defined as: you will not only look at the program. But when receiving an application/project, your mind will be a detailed steps, decomposition application, selection, application about how to design. OK, your salary should be able to meet your expectations.

7, not a half water! ! ! ! For unknown things and areas, always fear psychology.

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