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oscillating current is a kind of size and direction of change along with the cycle of current, will cause a current oscillation circuit is called oscillation circuit. One of the most simple call LC oscillation circuit loop.

oscillating current is a kind of alternating current, is a kind of high frequency alternating current, it can't turn the produced by the coil in the magnetic field, can only be generated by the oscillation circuit.

oscillation circuit physical model ( The ideal oscillation circuit) Meet the conditions of

(1) the resistance of the circuit (R = 0 Including coil, wire) From the standpoint of energy, and there is no other forms of energy to internal energy conversion, the heat loss is zero.

(2) the inductor L concentrate all the circuit inductance and capacitor C concentrate all the capacitance of the circuit, capacitance is no latent cloth.

3. LC oscillation circuit in the case of electromagnetic oscillation is not space radiation of electromagnetic wave to the world and is strictly a closed circuit, LC circuit coil magnetic field can only occur within and capacitor electric field can mutual transformation, even within the capacitor changes the electric field, produced the change of the magnetic field in coil or according to maxwell's theory of electromagnetic field excitation magnetic field and electric field, electromagnetic wave radiation into the surrounding space.

1, the oscillation circuit of PLC controller ladder diagram and the output waveform figure

2, emitter coupled oscillator circuit and the output waveform

is a monolithic integrated emitter coupled oscillator, the output MECL level. Circuit, external inductance and capacitance C L parallel resonant circuit can form a fixed frequency oscillator. If the external varactor, control varactor tube dc bias can constitute a LC vco. MC1648 working power supply for 5 v or negative. 2V。 The highest working frequency up to 225 MHZ. Several common varactor tube connection mode and the corresponding voltage-controlled characteristics below, among them, 一) ( b) For the single pipe connections, the control voltage to the varactor tube, its effect is current limit. ( c) Adopts double pipe connection back to back, its high working frequency and voltage control characteristic, the system adopts this kind of structure. Five end of AGC circuit. Change the potential of AGC, the oscillation amplitude change, amplifying the output waveform is different also. Through AGC regulation, the circuit can output sine wave, and can output pulse.

oscillator is the key to the system frequency, to determine whether the output waveform distortion, and the amplitude of the output. Because it is the high frequency circuit, so the requirement to the power supply is higher, often need to deal with the power to, such as adding lc filter, can prevent the interference of power frequency transformer of oscillator, also can prevent oscillator by the power interference with other circuits. After these processing, general metal shielding cover, also only has a better effect. According to the chosen 2 cc12b varactor, its maximum working frequency of 50 MHZ, due to adopt a suitable structure design, the system working frequency is 8 ~ 68 MHZ, output frequency range up to 60 MHZ, but by changing the inductance.

3, more than 555 harmonic oscillation circuit and the output waveform

with 555 time base circuit can form various forms of self-exciting multivibrator, the basic circuit as shown in figure a. When just when turning on the power supply circuit, because C too late charge, 555 (2) the foot of the circuit at zero level, lead to the output (3) feet for high level. When the power supply through the RA and RB charged to the Vc&ge C; Vcc, output circuit flat into (3) feet from high to low level, and capacitance C by RB and discharge switch tube discharge of the internal circuit. When the discharge to the Vc≤ Vcc, output from low level to high level. Capacitor recharge at this time, this process can be repeatedly, form the self-excited oscillation. Figure ( b) The output terminal and capacitor voltage waveform on C.

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