Phoenix PLC controller system design is introduced Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-08
Function description 1. Control box plugged into a power supply for 220 vac, control box air circuit breaker, PLC controller, relay, switch power supply, 220 vav turn 220 VDC power supply module. 220 VDC power supply is connected to the junction box, provide power supply for electromagnetic valve.

2。 Control box 24 VDC power supply solenoid valve to open in place, turning in place of the signal power.

3。 Electromagnetic valve of the state, through the PLC Ethernet port to upload the top PC machine, the top PC at the same time also can control solenoid valve open and close at the same time.

4。 Can control box of a single independent on/off solenoid valve for operation, and display the status information.

5。 Electromagnetic valve abnormalities, PLC controller output sound and light alarm.

6。 Control box with the emergency control button, the button press, pneumatic control box self-locked. The top PC can control electromagnetic valve switch, the button has a protective cover.

7。 Control box has a 'reset' button, the reset 'lights, emergency control' self-locking cancelled, a single switch to electromagnetic valve operation.

8。 'Experiment' button control box, to detect the indicator lights on the control box, and a buzzer.

9。 There is 'unlocked' switch control box. Unlock the situation, the operation of the operation panel.

network topology technology zone of Dutch VDL Weweler company AGV suspension system to produce analytical phoenix PLC control system design is introduced through the MES interface real-time collection to many varieties of three to relieve pressure in device control data by importing Absocoder simple implementation of conveyor belt production line synchronous monitoring of three solving Fang Hai for PLC to realize the sound of the fountain in the music fountain, light, water, perfect control design
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