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by:Coolmay     2020-07-07
Siemens 1200 digital input switch points provide the function of fast counter to measure the pulse signal of the incremental encoder, single phase signal up to 200 KHZ, double believe number ( Look at the four times the frequency and direction) Up to 80 KHZ, for commonly used 2500 PPR ( Every turn to distinguish pulse number) , the fastest speed to 1920 RPM ( Revolutions per minute) 。

absolute encoder is not afraid of interference signal, data is not lost power, PLC controller for the absolute value encoder without moment count, for CPU scan without calculating interruption time and save the CPU resource, especially now the market price of the absolute encoder, a big drop in at the same time because of the improvement of data reliability, to use absolute encoder can save debugging time, reduce the service cost, the actual use effect and the price is far superior to choose incremental encoder, in PLC controller position location has been more and more users tend to use absolute value encoder.

as a result of the Siemens 1200 economy, with absolute value encoder connection preferred more economic and convenient 4 - 20 ma signal interface, Siemens 1200 were shipped 2 road 4, 20 ma input interface, can be directly connected with 4-2 The absolute value of 20 ma output interface encoder.

absolute value encoder single ring absolute value and more absolute value, single ring absolute encoder is refers to the encoder rotate within 360 degree work, or 0 - Work within 180 degrees, so choose encoder, 4 ma corresponding to 0 degrees, 360 degrees ( Or 180 degrees) Corresponding to 20 ma, linear corresponding Angle values within the PLC controller data, every numerical values corresponding to the only point of view, the data without having to rely on counting, does not fear the interference and power outages, can be used directly programming. Single ring absolute encoder can set 20 ma corresponding point of view, the value and direction of rotation, the zero offset can be set 20 ma corresponds to 180 degrees, for example, encoder work at 0 - 180 degrees.

in the length or the height of the PLC positioning control, often need encoder rotate the scope of work of more than 360 degrees, will need to select the circle of absolute value encoder, circle of absolute value encoder 4 - 20 ma output has two kinds, one kind is a fixed range of absolute value, such as 16, 64 times, 256 times, namely 20 ma corresponding value is 16, the finish, 64 or 256 times more economic, such encoder; Another kind of smart circle more absolute value encoder, 20 ma, can be set in the 1 - 4096 laps in the middle of any position, and can be set zero offset.

1200 Siemens RS485 communication interface can be configured, the interface can be connected to the absolute value encoder RS485 signals, including lap absolute value and more absolute value, of the absolute value encoder RS485 signals have a variety of forms, the commonly used ones are simple RS485 broadcast model ( The main mode active radio sent) , free agreement (with address sent by instruction, From the station passive mode) , Modbus RTU mode and so on, which if only connection, an absolute value encoder available encoder active mode, the protocol is simple and reliable signal, and if you want to connect more than one encoder ( Bus way) , can choose the Modbus Rtu mode, but the way to the polling, each encoder return data refresh slower, not suitable for fast moving control.

Siemens 1200 configurable Profibus - DP bus communication interface, this interface is the most common European absolute value encoder output mode, can choose a variety of European import brand encoders, including domestic brand of absolute encoder, the interface for Siemens commonly used interface, but the cost is high, the interface encoder including configuration cable wiring cost is higher.

with the popularity of Ethernet, as well as the whole series of Siemens Po road with PROFINET, so a lot of manufacturer also developed a PROFINET interface of absolute encoder, this type of encoder has anti-interference, reflect speed, easy programming, it can meet most of the condition in application, but the downside is that the cost is very high.

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