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by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
First, make sure: some of the original PLC controller configuration, in the 'copy protection' ( 复制保护) Area, whether the set: binding the serial number of the CPU. If

binding, cannot directly to the original SMC card into the new CPU. Need to source program to remove protection at this time.

S - 1500 is using SIMATIC memory card SMC, no matter what a way to download, download program will first to SMC, and then transmitted to the PLC. SMC card is used to store blocks of code ( OB, FB, FC) , data block, craft objects, the configuration of the hardware configuration. Also contains variable symbols, annotations, and PLC data types, and these are not on the PLC of the ontology of working memory.

insert SMC card, CPU on SIMATIC configuration content on the memory card and keep the backup data comparison. Data differences, there must be a new CPU, the CPU will automatically perform memory reset and into the STOP mode.

so, as long as there is no such protection, load the memory that the contents of the SMC card will be loaded into the CPU's working memory. As long as the CPU's order number, the version number. The PLC will work properly.

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