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by:Coolmay     2020-07-07

PLC in industrial control field is a common industrial controller, there are 'one of the three pillars of industry' reputation. In our country's economy can see the figure of it in all walks of life, from the us to go out on top and bottom floor of the lift to the numerical control machine tool has the application of PLC in all walks of life, such as in the domestic demand is huge. From these aspects whether it is engaged in research and development production, sales, technology, application of PLC has a good development prospect.

now I am in a PLC application technology is familiar with their own industry to share its prospects in the industry, now in the market of various types of PLC to series of Europe and the United States, represented by Siemens, schneider, also has Japanese series represented by mitsubishi, omron, as well as domestic PLC such as inovance, Taiwan, etc. Therefore to be engaged in this industry will have to choose some typical PLC for study. PLC as advanced industrial controller, need supported programming language, we must be able to write useful programs, independently able to communicate independently to achieve PLC and inverter, touch screen, the complete set of industrial control process, PLC control tend to be more and more integrated control, now we want to know all kinds of industrial field bus communication and network communication.

I said above is clear, we are engaged in the PLC technology to develop the industry, not just confined to the PLC controller itself, if so, its development prospect is too narrow, the 'bottleneck' in the industry will encounter technology, we should take PLC as the core to expand PLC peripherals technology, such as represented by the touch screen of the graphic configuration, PLC programming and various communication control of frequency converter, such as CANopen communication bus, represented by various sensors as an input device of sensor technology, can use these to form the hierarchical structure of the PLC control system, such as we use schneider PLC can realize the control system of three layers of structure: management structure of industrial Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP communication control of bus control layer, through Profibus DP bus connects the PLC, inverter, touch screen devices. Through these seamless integration, and industrial control technology to realize the remote control.

all in all, the PLC controller technology of this industry's outlook is very good, we need to input and your input and return is proportional to the.

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