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by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
Everyone knows that learning some new knowledge, skills and methods is the key. As a novice at first contact with PLC and its software programming language, compared with common computer language has distinct characteristics, it is different in a high-level language, it is also different from the general assembly language, it should not only meet the easy to write and to meet the requirements of easy to debug. Only supports the early PLC controller ladder diagram programming language and a programming language, instruction list is according to the international electrotechnical commission to set up the PLC programming support language includes the following five kinds: ladder diagram Delete ( LD) , instruction table Delete ( IL) Functional module chart, Delete ( FBD) , order function flowchart Delete ( SFC) Delete (and structured text 圣) 。 A, ladder diagram language (

LD) Ladder diagram language is commonly used in the PLC program design of programming languages, it is similar to relay circuit of a programming language. Familiar for personnel engaged in electric relay control, so the ladder diagram programming language application more widely. Features: 1, intuitive, vivid and practicality, and corresponding electric operation schematic diagram; 2, ladder diagram similar program with the relay control system, easy to master electrical professionals; 3, the relay use of ladder diagram is implemented by the soft component, convenient use and modify more

second, the instruction list language ( IL) Instruction table programming language is a mnemonic similar to that of the assembly language programming language, and assembly language is composed of operation code and operands. Characteristics: 1, often mnemonics are used to indicate the operation function, is easy to remember, easy to master; 2, have corresponding relationship with ladder diagram, under the PLC programming software can convert some software do not have this function ( Such as: mitsubishi's GX Works2) 3, easy to operation, on the keyboard of handheld programmer USES the mnemonic said, in the absence of the occasion of computer programming design can be realized.

three functional module chart, language ( FBD) Function module diagram language is similar to digital logic circuit of a PLC programming language, for a person with a digital circuit basis is relatively easy to grasp. Features: 1, in function module, analysis to understand easy control scheme 2, function module is in the form of graphic expression function, intuitive is strong, has good operability 3, with large scale and because of the function module chart can clearly express the function relation, make the programming, configuration and commissioning time greatly reduce

4, sequence function diagram language ( SFC) Sequence function diagram language is designed to meet the sequence logic control programming language. With graphics expression, can be simple and clear description of concurrent system and complex system of all phenomena, on the basis of the model can directly programming, so has been widely used. Features: 1, to function as the main line, distribution in accordance with the order of the function process, clear, easy to understand user program; 2, for large programs can design division, adopt a more flexible program structure, saves programming time and debugging time;

5, structured text language ( 圣) Structured text language is used to describe the descriptive text for the structured program of a programming language, it is similar to a programming language of high-level languages. In the large and medium-sized PLC system, often structured text is used to describe the relationship between the different variables of the control system, complete the required function or operation. Features: 1, using high-level language programming, can complete complex control arithmetic; 2, the demand is higher, need to have advanced computer programming language knowledge and skills; 3, because the visual and operational is bad, often used in other programming languages is difficult to achieve the user program compiled.

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