PLC programming AND instructions AND OR instructions - easy to confuse - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-09
Beginners PLC ladder diagram, there are two logical instructions is easy to confuse. Identify AND AND OR the two instructions is very simple, actually can distinguish meaning from them, the English word AND meaning AND, AND, OR mean OR, so two role in application to the logic circuit can be clear at a glance.

first see analysis AND logic operation circuit. First of all, this is the most simple AND operation circuit to meet, X1, X2 represents the contact, the contact signal, these two normally open, Y0 is PLC controller output relay, its working principle is contact X1 AND X2, closed at the same time, Y0 relay will conduct electricity, AND the operation of circuit can be output, AND mean they both role at the same time closed at the same time, this operation circuit can be output.

the following two are the AND operation circuit output, 1 case, the closed X1 X2 disconnect, this time when scanning signal to X1, couldn't get through S2, so Y0 have electricity, operation circuit output, 2 case, PLC logic scan time went broke, the X1 Y0 not electricity, so the AND operation order, there will be no output, this is the simplest circuit design of PLC ladder operation circuit AND understanding.

again see analysis OR operation circuit. The X1, X2 call or contact signal input signal relay, Y0 represents the output relay, take a look at it, the action principle of below when closed the X1, X2 disconnect, Y0 electricity, at this time when PLC scan, scan to this circuit is connected, PLC controller output, this is the first kind of circumstance.

2 kinds of cases, the X1 is disconnected, the X2 is closed, they are two parallel, Y0 output relay, this time also to output, when the cycle scan, scan the passage X1, because the X1 is broken, so there is no output, but scan the X2 the passage of time, because the X2 closed, so I have to electricity output Y0, that is to say, the ladder diagram OR ( Or) The logic circuit, its meaning mainly as X1, X2, these two any closure, Y0 can get electricity PLC has output, this the OR ( Or) Logic circuit, its principle is simpler, master the simple logic operation circuit is the basis of study of PLC.

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