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by:Coolmay     2020-07-09

first we see first on behalf of the variables in the PLC under the soft components, what are the main input output X Y, auxiliary relay M, T, timer counter C, S, D, data registers, Y generally very few small PLC, 40, 60 points, the planning can, depending on the type of input and output is mainly points out high input, high output, ordinary don't occupy.

M auxiliary relay has two kinds, ordinary and loss of electricity saving, according to the need to choose, when planning addresses to a program or function block using continuous M, starting from the number 0, 10, 20, left middle part for complement, such as the use M206, under a begin from M210 or M220. For parallel output, LD M72 OR M82 OR M92 OUT Y1, facilitate the number at the end of the lane into a unified so the memory is also convenient when we are in the final debugging good inspection.

timers have different unit of time such as 1, 10 ms, ms 100 ms, there are regular and the cumulative model, also according to the demand to choose, like M can be used according to the local planning address number. Counter as well as an ordinary and high speed counter, 16 - and 32-bit, also has to keep counter etc, also according to the need to determine, generally the use of high speed counter are fixed, the corresponding input have fixed a counter.

address planning and choosing to decide, first according to the need, and then in the PLC controller programming expressed by the action of uniform number, for the PLC sequence control program, we try to be the time when programming, annotations, accurate statement of the diagram below, write the PLC controller program is divided into several small pieces, each small pieces can write specific action combination, part, function, significance, etc. , and then address planning in each section, the first paragraph by M0 ~ M100 approximately, the second paragraph with M100 approximately ~ M200 etc design, convenient we are looking for components variables, late for programming and debugging are very helpful.

as well as to facilitate the memory, we also can use the tag on software variable tags, comments, such as X0 tag is started, Y0 tag is light, we can directly use 'LD origin OUT light' to represent the LD X0 OUT Y0, so it is more convenient, each variable can do the label in the PLC controller.

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