PLC system in the five methods of grounding system processing details overview -

by:Coolmay     2020-07-10
PLC earthing system processing

in a PLC system, basically has the following several kinds of commonly used 'to' related to the ground, need treated respectively according to different situations:

( 2) Analog signal to analog signal is refers to the systems of all kinds of analog OV side, such as to drive ( Converter) The speed of a given input voltage output, speed feedback, sensor input, etc. Usually adopt differential output/input analog signal, the signal between the OV independently, therefore, the analog signal to generally does not allow for the connection between each other, also not allowed to connect with the PE line system. For analog input/output cables, in principle should be used with shielding 'twisted-pair cable, shielded cable shielding layer must be according to the different requirements and system of PE line connection.

( 3) Protected area sites is refers to the control unit of the system, enclosure grounding of electrical equipment, such as electric motors, drives the protective earthing, etc. These sites must be directly with the electrical grounding bus bar (contained in the PE bus bar) Connection, not allowed to control device, PE wire of electrical equipment for interconnection.

( 4) Direct current source dc source system refers to the external except PLC internal power dc power supply of the end OV ( OV of PLC internal dc power supply side, the common Shared with digital signal to PLC) 。 Can be processed in the following conditions: (1) when the PLC input/output dc power separation, OV for PLC input dc power supply, must be in accordance with this chapter 7. 3 section 'I/O interface design' part of the requirements, the public line to connect with PLC OV. For PLC output of the dc power supply, according to the need, can not with the OV public of PLC are connected or connected to the PLC controller OV public side. (2) when the PLC input/output dc power sharing, OV of dc power supply must be connected to the PLC OV public line. Used in the PLC input/output OV with dc power supply system grounding ( PE) Line between, according to actual needs of the system, can connect can not connect. (3) separate dc power components used in PLC system the implementation of the OV, in principle is not connected to the PLC OV, but generally need and system grounding ( PE) Line to connect.

( 5) An alternating current source ac source refers to the OV system used in communication power supply side ( Or N line) , such as the OV end of the 220 v control circuit, ac lighting circuit, ac indicator OV end, etc. In communication control circuit using isolation transformer, for reasons of 'electric shock protection', etc, in order to make the transformer 'isolation' effect, in principle, should not be OV end of communication power supply and grounding system ( PE) The line is connected. Considering from the perspective of anti-jamming, the control system of PE line in principle should not be connected to the power grid of N line. But on some imported machine, also have to use special 'sub', the OV end of ac power, N lines, grounding, PE) Cases the connected line.

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