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plc temperature controller for central air conditioning Coolmay

plc temperature controller for central air conditioning Coolmay

Plc temperature controller for central air conditioning Coolmay

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Company Advantages
1. PLC HMI all in one has advantages of good quality material and special design. Transparent transmission is the core competitiveness of the PLC module
2. Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. has a perfect and strict quality control system. Before shipment, all Coolmay's PLC will undergo strict tests
3. Different from other normal products, PLC HMI all in one enjoys a better quality with healthy materials. The power supply module has the functions of short circuit and overload protection
4. The quality inspection standard of the product conforms to international norm. Coolmay's PLC HMI All in one has an effective programming system, which can accurately collect data

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◆ Product Description

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The maximum amount of switching is 12 in 12 out (switching transistor or relay can be selected); the analog quantity is up to 4 in 2 out;

Features: The power supply is external, safe and efficient, the occupied space is greatly reduced, and the failure rate is reduced by 90%. The input and output and power terminals are all pluggable and easy to install and maintain.

Coolmay EX2N-43KH(A) Series 4.3-inch PLC HMI All In One integrates PLC controller, HMI, input/output and analog control. It is powerful, highly integrated, and has the advantage of saving installation space and reducing cost. It can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements. It is an upgraded product of traditional touch screen and PLC, and comes with WINCE system, completely replacing the industrial computer, which is more powerful than the industrial computer.

In particular, our PLC HMI All In One input and output terminals and power terminals use pluggable terminals, making installation and maintenance particularly convenient. Even if the equipment fails, the equipment manufacturer only needs to replace one without the need for on-site service. Reduce your product maintenance costs.

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Product parameters:

Display: 65536 true color 4.3" TFT LCD screen, 480 * 272 pixel resolution

Brightness: 350cd / m2

Power consumption: 3W or less

Running memory: H series 64MB. HA series 128MB. Support U disk storage, support WINCE system;

CPU: The H series is the ARM9 core 400MHZ. The HA series is corex A8 720MHz-1GHz.

Dimensions: 150*93*32mm;

Display size: 97*56mm;

Opening size: 143*86mm.

1. Analog input type is 0-10V / 4-20MA / 0-20MA / PT100 / PT1000 / EKSJ type thermocouple / NTC10K / NTC50K / NTC100K and other special specifications. Output type is 0-10V / 0-5V / 0-20mA / hybrid type optional

2, communication port: PLC comes with 1 232 programming port, HMI comes with 1 touch screen download port and 1 USB port; touch screen can choose 1 232 port, PLC can select 1 485 port

3, high-speed counting input conventional 2 single-phase counting (X0/X3) or 2 AB phase counting (X0-X1/X3-X4) 10KHz; can be specially customized into 6 single-phase counting (4 channels 100KHz, 2 channels 10KHz ) or 3 channels of AB phase counting (2 channels of 100KHz, 1 way)

10KHz) or 3 ABZ phase counts (2 channels of AB phase 100KHz, Z phase 10KHz, 1 channel ABZ phase 10KHz)

4, the conventional 4-way Y0/Y1/Y6/Y7 is 20KHz; it can be customized to 4 channels of 200KHz.

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Coolmay EX2N-43KH(A) 4.3" PLC HMI All In One Features:

1. Compatible with Mitsubishi Software GX8.52 / WORKS 2;

2. It can be specifically encrypted. If the password is set to 12345678, illegal reading is completely disabled.

3. The switch quantity and analog quantity are highly integrated and can be flexibly selected;

4. The rail mounting and fixing holes are installed in two ways, which is convenient to install;

5. The appearance is flat, the thickness is 36mm, and the occupied space is small;

6. Powerful, basically meet all the requirements of small and medium-sized equipment.

◆ Product Parameters

Specifications of EX2N Series HMI/ PLC All-in-One
Basic versionEX2N-43HEX2N-43KH/50KHEX2N-70HEX2N-100HAMX2N-43HB
Upgrade versionEX2N-43HAEX2N-43KHA/50KHAEX2N-70HA(S)
Cutout size119*93mm143*86mm194*138mm261*180mm119*93mm
Features60K colors RTP, support U disk storage, WINCE system, 
RS485/RS232/Ethernet port/Audio optional
60K colors RTP
Display size97*56mm97*56/108*65mm154*87mm222*133mm97*56mm
RAMH series with 64MB,HA(S) series with 128MB32MB
Operating systemHA/KHA/HAS:WINCE 7.0 version;H/KH:WINCE 5.0 versionWithout operating system
CPUH series with ARM9 core 640MHz      HA(S) series CORTEX A8 720MHz-1GHzARM9 core 216MHz
COM port1 TP download port,1 USB port
1 RS232 optional1 RS485 or RS232 or Ethernet port optional1 RS485
Or 1 RS232 optional
Programming softwareCoolMayHMI HMI programming software
Digital I/OUp to 12DI/12DOUp to 24DI/20DO(At most 18 relay output)Up to 12DI/12DO
I/O levelLow level NPN,COM connect negative
Digital output typeRelay MR/transistor MT/mixed MRT; Maximum load of transistor is 500mA;
Maximum load of relay is 5A
MOS tube MT/Relay MR,
High-speed countingNormally 2 single counting (X0/X3) or 2 AB phase counting (X0-X1/X3-X4) 10KHz
EX2N series can be customized up to 6 single-phase counts(4 100KHz、2 10KHz) Or 3 AB phase counts
(2 100KHz、1 10KHz) or 3 ABZ counts (1 100KHz 、2 5-10KHz);
MX2N-43HB can be customized up to 6 single-phase counting (4 channels 60KHz, 2 channels 10KHz) or 2 AB phase counts (2 channels 60KHz)
High speed pulseNormally 4 20KHz,Y0/Y1/Y6/Y7Normally 420KHz,Y0-Y3
4 200KHz can be customized5 200KHz can be customized,the 5th is Y102 200KHz or 2 100KHz can be customized
Analog I/OAI:0-10V/4-20mA/0-20mA/PT100/PT1000/EKSJthermocouple/NTC10K/NTC50K/NTC100K etc.AI: 0-5V/0-10V/0-20mA/

Note: 1 NTC10K or NTC50K or EKJ takes up the position of two AD points, up to two;

 voltage and current types up to four

AO:0-10V/0-5V/0-20mA or mixed
Up to 4AI/2AOUp to 12AI/8AOUp to 16AI/8AOUp to 4AI/2AO
COM port1 RS232
1 RS485 optional1 RS232 or 1 RS485 optionalNull
Programming softwareCompatible with Mitsubishi GX8.52 and WORKS 2
Regular models:EX2N-43H(A)/43KH(A)/50KH(A)-10/16/20/24MT/MR(-4AD2DA-485P/232H)
 EX2N-70H(A/AS)-10/16/20/24/30/32/38/40/44 MT/MR/MRT(-12AD8DA-485P/232H)
 EX2N-100HA-10/16/20/24/30/32/38/40/44 MT/MR/MRT(-12AD8DA-485P/232H)
 MX2N-43HB-10/16/20/24 MT/MR(-4AD2DA-232H)
 485P/232 P means PLC added in 485/232;485H/232H means 485/232 added in HMI
 Detailed info. Refer to:COOLMAY HMI/PLC All-in-one Programming Manual
 HMI/PLC All-in-one User Manual  CoolMay HMI User Manual

◆ Package

▶▶▶ Our products are tested before shipment and are packed with Standard export cartons.

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◆ Shipping

plc temperature controller for central air conditioning Coolmay-7

We support both OEM & ODM packaging. Our normally delivery method are by the  sea, by air, by international express (DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx)

Company Features
1. Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. could be a trusted choice for manufacturing plc temperature controller . We have been operating in this industry for years. Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully applied for technology patents for PLC HMI all in one.
2. The cultivation of professional talents and high-level technology helps the production of popular PLC with HMI .
3. Coolmay has advanced factory equipment for plc hmi . Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of steady development, focuses on improving quality of compact plc and production efficiency. Contact us!
plc temperature controller is designed and created independently by Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. . The product performs well in wear resistance
Evidently, plc temperature controller made from plc temperature controller indeed show more features. With baked-on glaze, it has a smooth and soft surface
Materials such as PLC with HMI guarantee the service life of PLC with HMI. Any spills on the product can be wiped away directly into the basin, making it ideal for the busy family or public bathrooms
compact plc manufactured by Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. are mainly featured by their PLC with HMI materials. Its smooth and glossy surface enables it to be clean easily
This design of plc temperature controller can overcome some defects of old ones and has broaden development prospect. The product creates a hygiene bathroom environment for people
plc temperature controller is well equipped with excellent properties such as PLC HMI all in one. The product performs well in wear resistance
The features and functions of plc temperature controller make plc hmi outstanding and highly attractive to buyers. The product is characterized by its non-porous high gloss finish
Coolmay combines plc hmi with plc hmi together to ensure the durability of plc temperature controller. The product has the advantage of scratch resistance
PLC HMI all in one can ensure good performance and value, and give full play to a certain role. It is stain, bacteria, and mildew proof
The product has the advantage of long service life. It is stain, bacteria, and mildew proof
Detailed inspection is implemented to ensure quality before mass manufacturing. It can keep its bright and shiny look for years with a regular cleaning routine
Good service and superior quality are key factors for success of PLC HMI all in one in overseas market. The product has the advantage of scratch resistance
plc temperature controller is often praised by it's perfect service. The product creates a streamlined and minimalist effect, which makes the bathroom space appear larger
Through alliances with various partners, Coolmay is able to provide our customers a wide range of compact plc made by the best manufacturers . It has passed the water test, which means its inner reasonable design makes drainage smooth
Coolmay have become the preferred brand for many costumers with its excellent quality, perfect service and competitive price. It has no pinholes and bubbles on the surface
Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. 's product development capabilities have grown a lot stronger. This product is definitely a good addition with a neat and modern touch to any bathroom
The quality of every plc hmi will be inspected before loading. It can keep its bright and shiny look for years with a regular cleaning routine
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